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Best Power Bank 5000mah In 2020

Today, the battery life of many technological products we use, especially smartphones, may not be enough for us. Thanks to Powerbank, we are able to charge our products wherever we are, and we do not have the fear of “oh, my charge will be exhausted”.

The advances in technology have led to great advances in the functions of the phones we use. When mobile phones first entered our lives, they were used only for making calls. Since they did not have any features, their charge was 1 week, 10 days. Unfortunately, smartphones that we can handle many of our needs and even our jobs can leave us in the middle of the day. People who have to charge their phones more than once during the day are looking for alternative solutions for these problems. Devices called Powerbank are at the top of the recommended solutions for people who have such problems. These devices are portable chargers and it allows us to charge our phones on the road, at work, in our pocket, in our bag, without the need for a socket. So which is the best Powerbank on the market? What should be considered when buying Powerbank? How much are the Powerbank prices? 

In this article we have prepared for you, you can find the best Power bank 5000mah recommendations sold in the market and buy the product that best suits your needs. 

What to consider when buying Power bank 5000mah?

it is useful to consider some additional features that you may need. For example, some models have more than one USB output, so you can charge multiple devices at the same time. If you have such a need, it may be useful to consider this criterion. One of the most important issues when purchasing Powerbank is the output power when charging. This shows how fast the power bank will charge your smartphone or tablet. In addition, some models support QuickCharge 2.0 or Samsung’s fast charging technology, and much faster charging is done on a compatible model.

Best Power bank 5000mah Charger

We have already said that power banks are relatively cheap gadgets if you compare them to their usefulness. In fact, in this paragraph, we report those that cost less. The capacity of the devices indicated is relatively low (however more than enough to fully recharge a smartphone) but here we aim to save.

Anker PowerCore 5000 (5,000 mAh)

Power Bank 5000mah

You pay it € 15 and you take home a 5,000 mAh battery with output up to 2 A (5 V) with PowerIQ technology. Despite the price, it is made of aluminium and is available in four colours.

The second economic power bank that I propose is the Anker Powercore 5000.

Like the one seen previously, it is 5000 mAh and has a cylindrical shape.

Portability comes first: small and light, you can even keep it in your pocket without any problem.

It is also compatible with the iPhone. The single output is equipped with Power IQ technology which recognizes the connected device and optimizes charging.

It has a power button on the side and also 3 LEDs to indicate the remaining charge.

Absolutely a gadget to buy if you are looking for maximum comfort and you don’t want a super-powerful portable charger.


Size 4.2 x 1.3 x 1.3 in
Output 5V 2A 
Input 5V 2A
AccessoriesMicro USB , Pouch

AUKEY PB-Y8 5000 mAh

Power Bank 5000mah

The AUKEY PB-Y8 power bank has a 5,000 mAh battery and is characterized by a cylindrical shape with measures of 115 x 30 millimetres and a weight of just 130 grams.

The first economic is the 5000 mAh Aukey power bank.

Very sought after and purchased by many, it has a very high number of positive reviews.

It belongs to Aukey which in the field of power banks certainly has a respectable place.

It is very small, cylindrical in shape, and can be transported very easily. Keep it in your hand easily or in your pocket. It is aluminium and very resistant.

It has an output to recharge your device and is also compatible with the iPhone.

It is the portable charger that saves you in emergency situations, especially if you have a phone that no longer performs as it used to and that you don’t want to part with


Size5.5 x 3 x 1.4 inches
Output 5V 3A 
Input Type C 5V 2A
AccessoriesUSB C cable

Poweradd Slim2 5,000 mAh

Power Bank 5000mah

The Poweradd model is committed to a much more compact and lightweight design. Its small size is its great advantage. However, we must bear in mind that it will load fewer times than, for example, the previous model. It has a capacity of 5000 mAh (milliampere-hour). In other words, it allows you to charge a mobile between two and three times when it is at maximum power.

This power bank is compatible with both Android and iPhone. In addition, it allows its use with other devices that are charged via USB at 5 watts of power. This portable battery has very good reviews from its users, in addition to a really cheap price. The Poweradd model is fully charged in about 3 or 4 hours.


Size1.18 x 1.26 x 3.9 inch
Output 5V/2.1A
Input Micro USB 5V/2A
AccessoriesMicro USB Cable

EasyAcc 6000mAh 

The Power Bank equipped with intellectual technology, a product that manages to supply the device with the highest possible current up to 2.4A, while automatically recognizing the type of device, recharges the devices using an original power supply. Intellectual technology that provides fast charging so as to save the charging time. Very high capacity that offered by the Power Bank in question which boasts a capacity of 6,000 mAh and can charge an iPhone 6 for 2.3 times or Galaxy S6 for 1.5 times.

Power Bank equipped with 2 micro USB 2.0 ports. Perfect for your phone. Mega Compatibility:  Works with all major smartphones and tablets, perfect for travel or anytime you are away from a power outlet. Flashlight Function: Perfect for a dark night in times of emergency and more.


Size5.24 *2.76* 0.51 inch
Output 5V / 2.4A Max
Input 5V / 2A Max
AccessoriesUSB Charging Cable

How does Power Banks work?

The most literal translation of power bank would be power bank. However, it is more common to use the term portable battery to refer to it. Its operation is very simple. First, the power bank needs to be charged.In this way, the portable battery stores energy and then supplies it to other devices.When our device, for example, a mobile, shows low energy levels, it is time to use the power bank. Instead of plugging it directly into the power, we use the cable to connect it to our portable battery. In this way, the power bank begins to supply power to the device and it will start charging.

Can I take the Power Bank by plane with me?

You have to leave for the holidays, you have booked the ticket and you don’t know if you can take the power bank with you.Well, there is nothing to ask the brands that make these devices, it is a question to ask the airlines. In case you buy the ticket in the agency, ask and they will be able to give you this type of information with precision.Here I will give you what is the general rule, very important to not take risks.The first rule concerns power, which can NEVER exceed 100 Wh (Watt-hours), i.e. you cannot take a power bank with a capacity greater than approximately 27,000 Mah on the road.With the limitations of point 1, you can carry up to two separate power banks on the plane, i.e. in your hand luggage. The technical specifications must be clearly written on the charger.You can NOT put the power bank in the hold baggage. All types of loose batteries are prohibited.If you do not also comply with one of these rules at the airport, the risk is the confiscation of the device.

How many times do I top up my smartphone with a Power Bank?

When buying a portable charger, you always have to choose the right one. Going the cheapest or the best selling doesn’t necessarily always mean meeting your needs.It’s not just a portfolio requirement.Now I will explain how the charging of a power bank works and I will help you understand which one is the best to buy for you and your device.

How long does a power bank last?

An important factor is the one regarding the total duration of a power bank.How long does a power bank last? How many full charges before the charger no longer works at the top?First of all, a power bank never dies. What happens after a long time is that his ability tends to decrease and therefore does not make it more like when he was new.You can use it but at a lower efficiency in short.That said, to know how long it lasts you need to know how many charges cycles the charger you want to buy allows.Charging cycle means a full charge of a device from 0 to 100 per cent.Cheaper power banks lose their efficiency after less than 500 cycles. The best power banks can reach 600 cycles or even exceed them, according to the technical specifications issued by the manufacturers themselves.I repeat to you to conclude that a power bank does not stop working at the end of its charge cycles. The only thing that happens is that its efficiency drops.To make you understand this phenomenon, I will give you a very practical example: a smartphone.Just bought, you can use it for a whole day or even two without problems, before having to recharge it. After two years, you will struggle to reach a day, because it will have come close to or will have passed its recharge cycles.It’s a very normal thing for lithium batteries.

What is the Solar Power Bank

The solar-powered charger is the perfect solution if you are someone who spends a lot of time away from home.Do you like going out for a picnic in the park when the weather permits? Do you love trekking and the mountains? As soon as the temperature rises, do you run to the sea?In all these cases, and many others, entrusted to a solar power bank.Let’s go in order, though. I want to answer some questions that you have certainly asked yourself at least once.

What exactly is an external battery or Power Bank?

An external battery is an electronic device that allows you to recharge electronic devices without connecting them to the electric current. It is the ideal accessory for a mobile phone, a laptop or a tablet when you travel. They are lightweight, compact and easily transportable devices.With it you will not have to worry because you are going to run out of battery in the middle of a work call. You also won’t have to worry about turning off your mobile just when you’re waiting for an important message. Or for staying halfway when you are playing a game to your favourite video game.

How many charges can be made with a Power Bank?

A serious mistake is often made when calculating the number of recharges that can be made with an external battery. Many people think that it can be obtained by dividing its capacity by that of the device to be charged. This results in them believing that they have been deceived with the actual capacity of the battery.Unfortunately, no energy transfer process has 100% efficiency. In the specific case of external batteries, their current performance is estimated at around 60% or 70%. Next, we offer you a formula that allows you to calculate how many recharges can be made with an external battery

What care does a Power Bank require?

First, it is important to keep it away from high temperatures. Exposing it to very high temperatures can irreversibly damage it. Of course, as with most electronic equipment, avoid getting wet. If you accidentally fall into the water, you should not use it again.When you are charging a device with an external battery avoid putting one on top of the other. Doing so may increase the temperature of the two causing them to suffer damage due to overheating. Otherwise, it is recommended to use them with the appropriate chargers. Make sure they are compatible with your battery.

What is the mAh of a power bank?

The most common system to connect a device to your power bank is through a USB cable. Some models include that cable in the same package. If not, you should not worry. First, because the cable can be purchased separately at a very economical price. Second, because you probably already have one.The most common is that you use the cable you use to connect to the power adapter. You should keep in mind that not all phones and tablets have the same connections. You must use the appropriate cable for your mobile device. It should be noted that the more USB ports the portable battery has, the more devices can be charged at the same time.

How is a power bank charged ?

In order for your power bank to function properly, it must have been previously charged. Remember that the power bank works as an external battery and, as such, needs to be recharged frequently. Most commonly, the power bank is charged using a USB cable. You must connect the cable to the micro USB port of the battery. The other end of the cable must be connected to an outlet through an adapter. For example, the same one you use to charge your mobile phone. There may be differences between models, so it is important to consult the instructions.

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