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Best Pink PC Case For Pink PC Builds 2022

In this modern era of gadgets in which our lives are taken over by mobile phones and tablets, it looks like the end of desktop PCs.

But that’s not true. Desktop PC’s are still going strong despite all these inventions. In fact, PCs are getting more creative than they were ever before.

Gone are the days when the computer used to comes in a handful of colours.

In present times, computer casings come in numerous shades, and you can easily pick any as per your preferences. You will be amazed to know that there are pink pc cases on the market! Can you believe it!!!

Are you still wondering, is it even possible?

Yes, it is!

There are many pink computer casings that you can buy and get that personalized look for your machine.

Some users, especially gamers, want their PC cases to be actually unique but not have that much time to make a lovely mod.

So, we came across some of the best pink computer cases that you can easily buy, and all of these are enough to make your PC unique from the others without any modification.

So, without further ado, let’s review each of them in detail along with their specs.

Best Pick
Apevia Crusader-F-PK Mid Tower...
Best ITX
SilverStone Technology Ultra...
Best Full ATX
JONSBO MechWarrior MOD-3...
Apevia Crusader-F-PK Mid Tower...
SilverStone Technology Ultra...
JONSBO MechWarrior MOD-3...
Motherboard Support
ATX / Micro ATX / ITX
Prime Benefits
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Best Pick
Apevia Crusader-F-PK Mid Tower...
Apevia Crusader-F-PK Mid Tower...
Motherboard Support
ATX / Micro ATX / ITX
Prime Benefits
Reviews On Amazon
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Best ITX
SilverStone Technology Ultra...
SilverStone Technology Ultra...
Motherboard Support
Prime Benefits
Reviews On Amazon
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Best Full ATX
JONSBO MechWarrior MOD-3...
JONSBO MechWarrior MOD-3...
Motherboard Support
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Pink Computer Cases Comparison

Apevia Crusader-F-PK Mid Tower...Apevia Crusader-F-PK ATX / Micro ATX / ITX Check Price
InWin A1 Plus Pink Mini-ITX...InWin A1 Plus Mini ITX Check Price
Apevia X-Infinity mid tower...Apevia X-Infinity ATX / Micro ATX / ITX Check Price
darkFlash Micro ATX Mini ITX...Darkflash Dlm22 Pink Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX Check Price
JONSBO MechWarrior MOD-3...JONSBO MechWarrior MOD-3 XL-ATX / ATX / M-ATX / ITX Check Price
SilverStone Technology Ultra...Silverstone SG13P Mini-ITX Check Price

1Apevia Crusader-F-PK – Best Pink Mid Tower Case

apevia pink case

Apevia, a brand known for its creativity, is the pioneer of many cute PC cases, and it is our favorite pick of this list.

Among the Apevia line-up, the Crusader-F-PK stands above the rest due to its lovely design and, of course, color.

Suppose you were looking for a beautiful RGB PC case. In that case, this Apevia Crusader casing provides you fantastic value for your hard-earned money, and it is quite affordable than others in the same category.

Moreover, it has the light-toggle button located on the front side (I/O panel), which provides sixteen different lightning effects against the pre-installed cooling fans.

In this casing, you will find all sorts of RGB lighting, from still single shades to breathing, and you can also turn them off as if you don’t like lighting.

Overall, the specs of this pink mid tower case are much better.

It features GPU up to 350mm wide and supports up to eight cooling fans; this is more than enough for most of us and intense gamers as well.

In terms of cable management, this mid-tower pink computer cases doesn’t disappoint at all. It features the most efficient cable management while maintaining consistent airflow throughout the PC.

It competes with many high-end gaming PCs in terms of port management and stands above them when you compare the price point.

The design is just awesome, and its cool pink finishing with a strong tempered glass window creates brilliant and magical looks.

We also liked its tinted windows, and you will not see the flashy components inside the casing.

Lastly, the Crusader F-PK looks lovely, and it has everything you will need in an efficient pc casing.

  • The case supports ATX / Micro ATX / ITX.
  • Fan support: Front: 3 x 120mm, Top: 2 x 120mm, Back: 1 x 120mm.
  • Radiator: 240 mm (Top) and 120mm (on the rear side)
  • It comes with 2 X 3.5 inches / 2.5 inches and 2 X 2.5 inches hidden bays.
  • Supports GPU up to 350mm in length, and CPU cooler’s height is 165mm.
  • Multiple USB3.0/USB2.0/HD Audio and USB Ports.

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2InWin A1 Plus – Pink Mini ITX Case

pink computer case

For those who love pink casings but want to keep it short and sweet, this InWin A1 pc casing is the ideal choice on the list.

This is a Mini-ITX casing and features a beautiful compact shape case.

At a glance, it will look like a little microwave oven, but usually, ovens do not come in pink colors.

Anyhow, despite its compact and slim design, this pink beauty is quite spacious.

It offers more than enough room for easy assembling of the components. To be precise, it has room for two 2.5-inch drives and two expansion slots.

And it still manages a VGA having a length of up to 320mm.

Moreover, its design is unique and full marks for the cute design. Its construction is also reliable and includes high-quality SECC stainless steel that is durable but light-weight.

The unit also features a tempered glass window, and above all, its striking pink finishing is breathtaking.

The In Win cases are unique and cheap, check out the top selected inwin cases.

Furthermore, the casing features 2 RGB cooling fans and different lighting shades glowing in the translucent case sites for effective and consistent.

The weight is just perfect, and we didn’t have any issues regarding the casing’s weight.

As told above, cooling is balanced throughout the casing due to the multiple built-in fans.

It features two high-quality cooling fans on the top side; both are up to 120mm.

Usually, it is not that common a consistent cooling mechanism in a mini-ITX PC casing, but it is intelligently designed. And perfect to use a pink gaming PC case.

On the front side, there are two USB 3.0 ports and two audio ports.

Another feature that you will definitely love is the wireless QI charger, nicely located that the top. With its IQ charger, it resembles some sort of charging hub. But this little thing makes it unique and absolutely amazing.

Furthermore, some of the users might argue about its hefty price, but keep in mind that the value it provides to you is much higher than its worth.

We mean that this casing comes with a 650w gold-rated power supply; yes, it is true. And we found this PSU suitable for everyday uses.

However, a few consumer reports stated that no doubt this PSU is valid for average uses but don’t expect anything magical from it, and it is not a reliable choice for intense gaming uses.

If you are a die-hard gamer, you will have to buy a PSU separately that you can use with this casing and use this built-in PSU as a standby device.

All things considered, like its elegant design, vibrant GB shades, and plenty of room, this InWin A1 is perfect for all who want a compact and well-built computer casing.

  • The case supports Mini-ITX.
  • Fan support: For side: 1 x 120mm, For Bottom: 2 x 120mm, at back: 1 x 120mm
  • Radiator support is up to 120mm on the rear side.
  • The case supports 2 x 2.5″ bays (internal).
  • The case supports 2 x 2.5″ bays (internal).
  • VGA length is up to 320mm; Heat sink length is 160mm
  • Expansion Slots: PCI-E x 2
  • Includes 2 x USB 3.0 ports and one HD Audio port.

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3Apevia X-Pioneer / X-Infinity – Best Pink Micro ATX Case

pink cpu case x infinity

Here we are, on the last pick of this list. Here we have another Apevia pink atx case, the X-Infinity.

The case is a perfect blend of supreme functionality and elegance.

On its front side, you will find a single 5.25” drive bay.

Further, there are multiple slots on the casing’s sides that help maintain consistent airflow and keep it cool, especially if you use it for intense tasks.

The top panel includes a USB3.0 port, two USB2.0 ports, and HD Audio ports for ease of usage.

Moreover, we loved its full-size transparent window, and you can quickly monitor the internal working of all components. To further enhance its appearance, there is a smoky tint that we loved.

Overall, the unit is designed very well, and it is spacious. The power supply remains nicely hidden behind a metal cover, so there is no cable mess. We also loved its multiple cooling options.

It can accommodate two standard fans of up to 120mm. And it has 15 bright LED fans already included. Besides, there is a front-mounted 240mm water cooling support as well.

The metal design and construction is up to the mark and looks stunning in bright baby pink.

However, cable management is a bit complicated in this PC case, especially if you are a beginner. But once you get used to it, it becomes a breeze.

Lastly, the built-in fans are silent and look lovely. The noiseless case makes the environment silent.

These get hidden behind the acrylic side panel. You can easily use two standard SSDs and two normal Hard Drive with this pink pc tower case.

  • Support 5.25 drive bays hidden.
  • It comes with two 120mm LED Fans and 15 built-in LEDs.
  • The top side has two USB 2.0 ports, one x USB 3.0 port, and an HD Audio port.
  • The case supports ATX / Micro ATX / ITX Motherboards.
  • Features beautiful Acrylic full side panel.
  • Enough space for two 2.5 hard drives and two 3.5 hard drives.

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4Darkflash Dlm22 Pink– Best Darkflash Case Pink

darkflash pink case

At this spot, we present to you a blistering pink PC cover that will look flawless with any decor, and it is ideal for all common uses and specific uses, the darkFlash DLM22 PC tower case.

This computer case provides enough room for both Micro ATX or Mini ITX systems.

In short, the casing has more than enough space to build a powerful gaming PC.

The spacious design is awesome, and you can fix many components inside it without any issue.

Furthermore, the casing features an open-door design that comes in handy for various purposes.

In fact, no need to adjust or unscrew anything to access internal components. Just open the durable tempered glass panel and modify any part you want.

Similarly, if you prefer using a lightning pc case, this is the option for you. The tempered glass panel provides a vivid look if you install lighting inside it.

The PC case also comes with an efficient airflow, thanks to its unique designed.

The components inside will remain cool, and you will not face any overheating in this unit. Besides, it also has plenty of space for a water cooling system that further improves the PC’s working while keeping burning components cool.

The makers have designed this PC case keeping in mind the minor details. It has everything to make your gaming experience a comfortable one.

Cable management is also decent, and in the corners, there are little ties that allow you to maintain cables inside easily.

Lastly, it is one of the best pink Micro ATX towers that you can get today.

It is spacious, features beneficial cable management, and offers plenty of customization options.

  • Four available expansion slots.
  • Max VGA card length is up to 350 / 330mm.
  • Max CPU Cooler length is up to 160mm.
  • Comes with one USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports, and one HD AUDIO.

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5JONESBORO MechWarrior Best Pink E-ATX Case

Next, we have the most stylish pink pc case on the market today, the MOD3 MechWarrior by JONSBO.

This high-end pc computer case looks like some sort of robotic creature, and for all gaming enthusiasts, it is a treat.

The stylish case includes all the latest features along with incredible cooling and lighting effects.

Let’s start with its construction. The MechWarrior MOD3 features a robust aluminium-magnesium alloy and a tempered glass panel.

The MOD3 outer body includes an elegant anodized finishing, whereas the tempered glass is of automotive-grade and is 4mm thick.

Case comes in different colour including matt white case, pink etc.

It is hard to find such a sturdy glass panel in the current time. Despite all these, the casing weighs only 8kg.

MOD3 features an open-type design, and its water-cooling properties play a vital role in the overall performance.

Water-cooling features and superb light effects provide a vibrant lighting platform that every gamer dreams of.

Furthermore, its aluminium-magnesium plates are designed through a double side sandblasting process, and it gives an impression of a firm metal texture.

Users, especially gamers, love this PC case. As per consumer reports, many stated that it is a beast, and despite using it for the whole night, there are no overheating issues.

People also appreciated its long-lasting construction and RGB lighting supports.

The design looks contracted at a glance, but as mentioned above, it is very spacious, and you will not have any problem with customization.

Further, cable management is also up to standards, and sub-compartments are well-designed.

It has multiple spaces for air cooling or water cooling.

The top can accommodate a 360 mm radiator, whereas the front side is enough for 3 x 120mm fans.

Lastly, this premium case for pink PC build stands out from the others in every department, from design to the cooling mechanism, and if you were searching for a high-end, techy type of computer cases, your quest ends here.

  • Offers space and support for a 360mm Radiator and XL-ATX Motherboards.
  • Features thick Magnalium Solid Body.
  • The casing Supports 5V ARGB lighting.
  • 4.0mm thick tempered Glass Plate.
  • Minimum CPU Cooler height is up to 170mm.
  • Display Card’s height is up to 400mm.

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6Silverstone SG13P – Best Silverstone Pink Case

Silverstone pink gaming pc case

Our next pick, the SilverStone SG13P is also a compact tower pink casing like the previous model InWin A1 but the difference is that this casing is much affordable.

We can say that it is one of the most affordable pink casing on the market.

On the other hand, most of you know Silverstone is a well-known brand in the industry, and the brand shows its class in this mini-ITX tower casing. The casing’s construction mainly includes high-quality plastic that does not look or feel cheap.

Further, it is shatter-proof as well. It also features premium and light-weight faux aluminium materials that feel give it a metallic look.

Overall, the design looks elegant and simple as compared to the others on this list. It’s not something extraordinary, but it looks beautiful and who knows it is the one that you’re looking for.

Furthermore, despite compact dimensions, the casing has plenty of space for you to customize it as per your exact needs.

It also allows for better airflow throughout the casing, thanks to its design.

It comes with one 140mm radiator option and supports VGA cards that are 270mm long. In this way, it offers plenty of room to design a PC for common uses.

You will find two USB 3.0 and standard microphone and audio ports that blend well with its front mesh design and come in handy for various uses on the front panel.

So, if you are on a tight budget but don’t want to compromise on ‘pink’ color and tower-style, this casing is your safest bet.

All in all, it’s a well-designed and balanced machine that will serve you for a very long time but only for standard uses.

  • The casing supports Mini-ITX, Mini-DTX.
  • Features 120mm and 140mm single fan support.
  • The casing supports 2.5″/ 3.5″ drive bays (hidden).
  • It comes with multiple I/O ports for a microphone, audio, and two USB 3.0 ports.
  • VGA length is up to 50mm, and the CPU cooler height is up to 61mm.
  • It comes with multiple expansion slots.

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Does Apevia Crusader-F-PK comes in other colors then pink?

Yes , Apevia Crusader-F-PK come in three different colours . Black , Pink And White

Does  InWin A1 Plus comes with pre-installed PSU?

Yes  InWin A1 Plus comes with pre installed 650W 80 Plus Gold PSU with already managed cables .

Does Darkflash Dlm22 Pink come with an IO shield?

No, your motherboard should come with the IO shield, as they are different for every motherboard.

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