Logitech is a name that you can blindly trust when it is about a gaming mouse. Not only gaming mouse but Logitech has designed some other products that are top-notch and suitable for various users such as designers, developers, and also normal users. We will review the two latest model g403 vs g703. As for the mouse, they have a huge variety that lives up to the reputation and keeps the market alluring.

In this post, we will review two Logitech products of the G-Series which are widely popular and are the bestselling gaming mice of Logitech, the g703 vs g403 wireless. Both these G series mouse are a top pick of many users but which one is the best among the G403 and G703?

First, let’s review each of them and then we will move towards their in-depth comparison.

ProductG703 HERO LIGHTSPEED Wireless
G403 Wired
G403 Wireless
Weight96g (106g with weight)
90g (100g with weight)
96g (106g with weight)
DPI Range100 -16,000 DPI
100 -16,000 DPI
200-12,000 DPI
PowerPlay Support
Button Durability
50 million clicks
20 million clicks
20 million clicks
Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

Logitech G403 Prodigy Review : A Budgeted Option

logitech g403 review
logitech g403 review

The first that we would like to mention here is that the G403 gaming mouse is available in two variants; the wired and wireless version. The price of both these also differs accordingly. The Logitech G403 features a classic design, and it has the most comfortable grip.

These days, you will find much weird-shaped gaming mouse in the market. These are attempts to make the things a bit cooler but in contrast, Logitech’s G403 features a sleek and simple design with RGB lights. This minimalist and simple design give it an elegant look.

Furthermore, G403 has six buttons with a sturdy scroll wheel. To be precise it features left and right buttons, a clickable scroll, DPI sensitivity changing button, and two thumb buttons.

Overall, the buttons are robust and clicks are reliable, due to the excellent quality manufacturing by Logitech.

The software that comes with this gaming mouse is handy and simple to use.

You can set the DPI through this software from 200 to 1200, link your individual profiles to games, control the lights, and manage the colors. For some users, DPI can be a bit low but it is enough for many users out there. If you prefer a wireless G403 Prodigy, then you can also see the remaining battery percentage of the mouse.

As for the sensors, they are top-notch and if we believe the makers, the sensor directs 1000 reports per second. Overall, the functioning of the sensor is quite smooth.

You will find a DPI toggle button over the scroll wheel and you will get three presets which allows you to toggle its sensitivity.

This as a nice option if you prefer performance over looks. It has a simple design without any oddly shaped grips or designs on the shell. But as for the working, it is one of the best out there.

  • G403 gaming mouse is highly responsive and it is precise.
  • The grip is comfortable and feels soft in hands.
  • The included software is innovative.
  • The design is simple yet elegant.
  • The battery life of wireless variant is reliable.
  • The placement of both the thumb buttons could have been better.
  • There are some user reports that state that left-handed people find it hard to use this mouse.

Logitech G703 Wireless: The Perfect Gaming Mouse for 2020

Logitech G703
Logitech G703

Usually, wireless gaming mouse is costly than wired gaming mouse and if you somehow managed to buy a cheap wireless gaming mouse, you might not get the desired results.

Luckily, this not applies for Logitech G703 Lightspeed gaming mouse. Let’s begin our Logitech G703 review.

The G703 has only one variant and that is wireless. There is no wired option for this mouse.

The design of G703 is bland, but the grip is excellent and super comfortable. And the scroll wheel of the mouse also comes adjusted as per gamer’s needs. If truth be told, the G703 features a basic design that resembles a standard PC mouse. The RGB lighting in G703 is vibrant and looks amazing. You can also change the form of the lights.

You will find six buttons; these button includes a right and left-click buttons, clickable scroll button, a DPI changing button and two large buttons at the side.

Another prominent feature of this Logitech G703 is that is comes with Logitech’s Lightspeed technology. You might have heard that wired mouse have good sensitivity than wireless ones or wired devices are more dependable.

But, due to the Lightspeed technology, this G703 wireless gaming mouse is faster than the others and the results differ by only milliseconds.

It also features a Powerplay wireless charging system. But you will have to buy it separately.

With this G703 Lightspeed mouse, will get a USB dongle to charge the device. Or you can opt for the Powerplay surface, which allows you to charge it without any wire. This feature makes the G703 stand out in g703 vs g403 wireless gaming mouse.

To charge the unit, just leave it on the surface for couple of hours. However, the charging might take more times as it is slower than the standard USB charging

Lastly, the logitechG703 wireless mouse features PMW3366 sensors that is exceptional and you will not find any issue related to the sensor of the mouse. The RGB effects are fabulous and the sensitivity is excellent as well.

  • The G703 gaming mouse is well-built and super comfortable to hold.
  • The included PMW3366 sensor is the most reliable sensors in the market.
  • Due to the advanced Lightspeed technology, G703 is faster than most wired gaming mouse.
  • Wireless charging through the Powerplay technology is handy.
  • RGB lighting is excellent and you can also customize them.
  • The G703 wireless mouse for gaming features a basic design. So, it might not attract some users.
  • It is designed for right-handed users.

G403 VS G703- Differences and Comparison

Even though G403 and G703 both are popular gaming mouse but there are some differences between the two. You must know these differences so that you can buy the one that suits your needs. The main differences of G403 and G703 are:


G403 VS G703 review
G403 VS G703 review

G703: G703 only comes in a wireless variant. Logitech g703 battery life is of 32 hours without RGB and 24 hours with RGB. The G703 features ‘HERO’ sensor. It is the industry-standard and the most reliable one out there. Moreover, it is the ungraded version of Avago3310/PMW3366. It offers the DPI ranging from 100 to 16,000.

G403: The G403 has two variants, wired and wireless. The main difference between these two variants is their sensor. The Logitech G403 wireless has a PMW3366 sensor whereas the wired G403 has an HERO sensor. The DPI increments of both G403 and G703 are same


g403 wireless vs g703
G403 VS G703 Power

Certainly, the power source is the primary difference between the two.

G703: The major plus point of G703 over G403 is the modern PowerPlay wireless charging surface. That allows you to charge it without a USB charges. By using this modern technology, you can charge and use the mouse simultaneously. This is something that you will not find in G403 wireless prodigy.

G403: Because G403 is an old model it does not features the PowerPlay charging system. So, you will have to charge it in a traditional way. However, the charging is quick as compared to the G703 PowerPlay charging system. It will only take two hours for a full charge.


G703: It is compatible with many operating systems. It works with Windows, Mac OS 10.11 and with Google’s Chrome OS.

G403: G403 is only compatible with Windows 7 to 8, 8.1, and 10.


The Logitech g403 dimensions and Logitech g703 dimensions are the same their weight is not the same. Overall lightest gaming mouse is best for gaming.

G403 VS G703 weight
G403 VS G703 weight

G403: The wired version of G403 is 90 grams and its wireless variant weighs around 96 grams.

G703: The weight of G703 gaming mouse is 96 grams the same as the G403 wireless version

RGB Effects:

The RGB lighting effects in both G703 and G403 are just amazing. And you even customize these as per your requirements by using Logitech’s advanced software.

Shape and design:

The shape, and design are vital for any gaming mouse. Both G703 and G403 feature almost the same look and design. In terms of design and shape both these are the best. No fluffy stuff, no flashy stuff!

The length of both these devices is ideal for both small and large hands. They also feature expertly designed curves for better support to your hand.


Both G703 and G403 include six programmable buttons. These buttons are named as mouse 1, mouse 2, DPI changing button, scroll wheel button, and the two buttons at the side. The click buttons (mouse 1 and 2) are profound, receptive, and highly durable. Both these devices have mechanical button tensioning to keep the click buttons firm.


The G703 and G403 both feature a soft and rubberized grips that are super comfortable. The surface is wisely made that prevents sweat build-up and offers soft feel even if you are using them for hours.

Final Thoughts – Which one to go for?

Both these gaming mouse are from the same company and they have many similar features. Some major differences between the two are mentioned above.

Now, which one to buy, well, it depends on your preferences, mainly. If you like wired gaming mouse, you can simply opt for G403 as G703 doesn’t have a wired variant. However, if you are looking for a wireless mouse, you can compare both these and make the right decision.

The G703’s remarkable feature is its innovative Powerplay wireless charging pad whereas the G403 stands out in terms of durability and looks. Both these are highly durable. So, which one you are going to get? Let us know in the comments.

How much does logitech g403 weight?

The logitech g403 weight is only 90 grams.

What sensor does the Logitech g403 use?

Logitech G403 using a famous HERO sensor

what is better logitech g403 vs g703

Both gaming mouse are best , they have many similar features . check out our detailed review on both models

what does the middle button do logitech g403

Most of the buttons of Logitech g403 are programmable. You can program the middle mouse button to anything you want

what are the 5 dpi settings on logitech g403

The default DPI values on my G403 are 400/800/1600/3200

what levels of dpi does the logitech g403 have


what software do i need for logitech g403

To properly use Logitech g403 , you have to download Logitech GHUB to explore all the features

what is the default dpi for a logitech g703 mosue

The Default dpi is 800

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