The lightweight gaming mouse might not be the essential feature for most users, but for gamers, the few ounces matter and can be extremely helpful. The quick movements and flicks will be much simple, and you will not feel tiredness during lengthy gaming sessions. However, it does not mean that you should compromise on the performance. So, you need the lightest gaming mouse that works flawlessly.

Cooler Master MM710 53G Gaming...Cooler Master MM71053gCheck Price
Hati HT-M 3360 Ultra...G-Wolves Hati HT-M 336065gCheck Price
Glorious Model O RGB 67g...Glorious Model O67gCheck Price
Razer Viper Ultralight...Razer Viper Ultra-light69gCheck Price
Xtrfy M4 RGB Ultra-Light...XTRFY M4 RGB Ultra-Light69gCheck Price
Razer Viper Ultimate...Razer Viper Ultimate74gCheck Price
Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming...Logitech G Pro Wireless80gCheck Price
Razer Abyssus V2: True 5,000...Razer Abyssus V280gCheck Price
Dream Machines DM1 Pro S...DREAM MACHINES DM1 PRO S85gCheck Price
BenQ Zowie FK2 Ambidextrous...BenQ Zowie FK285gCheck Price

Therefore, in this post, we present the lightest gaming mice under 80g that will meet your needs and expectations.

11 Best Lightest Gaming Mouse

Cooler Master MM710Ultralight Mouse

Cooler Master mm710 lightest gaming mouse

Cooler Master comes up with many interesting products in their lineup, but this MM710 light weight gaming mouse is different from others. To begin with, it weighs only 52 grams; hence it is the lightest gaming mouse in the market. It features ultra-weave cable is light is the weight. The honeycomb shell is solid and good looking as well.

On the mouse’s inner side, a PixArt 3389 optical sensor is placed that works flawlessly and offers ultimate control and accuracy. The Omron mechanical switches provide you peace of mind, especially when using it for a long time. For your convenience, it includes two extra buttons at the side, which we found useful.

Last but not least, the PTFE feet are located on the bottom side, which glides very well on all types of mousepads.

  • Connection : Wired
  • Programmable Buttons : 6
  • Sensor : PixArtPMW 3389
  • Custom Lighting : No
  • Weight: 53g
  • DPI : 16,000


  • It comes with a 16000 DPI adjustable sensor for better control.
  • Click quality is much better than others.
  • You will also get an extra set of PTFE mouse feet.


  • The only drawback of this gaming mouse is that it is only suitable for right-handed users.

G-Wolves Hati HT-M 3360Ultra Light Gaming Mouse 

G-Wolves Hati HT-M 3360 Ultra Lightweight
G-Wolves Hati HT-M 3360 ultra light mouse

G-Wolves comes into our list with this Hati HT-M 3360 ultralight gaming mouse. As per makers, this is the best gaming mouse, and we agree with them. Let’s check out what makes it one of the finest gaming mouse in the industry. The first thing that contributes to its performance significantly is the weight of the mouse. The appearance and shape of the mouse resemble Logitech G Pro Wireless mouse, and the features are almost the same.

As for the sensors, the Hati includes industry-standard PMW3360 optical sensors and delivers an excellent performance as per your expectations. But, the thing that we loved the most in this Hati is its eye-catchy design. This Hati utilizes a versatile shape that is ideal to use for both left-handed and right-handed users. This is a major plus when we are talking about the gaming honeycomb mouse.

It weighs only 62 grams and features pre-travel-less buttons, with paracord-style cable, so you can also use this mouse comfortably without a bungee.

Lastly, you will also get two additional mouse feet, a replacement cable, and grip tape.

  • Connection : Wired
  • Programmable Buttons : 6
  • Sensor : PMW 3360 sensor
  • Custom Lighting : No
  • Weight: 65 g
  • DPI : 12,000


  • Attractive and eye-catchy design.
  • Highly durable and comfortable gaming mouse.
  • Suitable for both left-handed and right-handed people.
  • Six programmable buttons are handy.
  • 16k DPI.


  • No RGB in this mouse

Glorious Model OHoneycomb Mouse

Glorious Model O lightest gaming mouse

Glorious Model O is on a good run since it has been introduced in the market. The Glorious Model O weights 67 grams, and it also features RGB lights. A light-weight gaming mouse with RGB lights!

The overall build and design of the lightweight mouse are excellent as it features the honeycomb shell that is stiff and strong. Even if you use it from long practice sessions, you will not feel fatigued as it is super comfortable. There are no issues of heating, and your palms will remain calm and fresh throughout the session.

This Model O by Glorious features the Pixart PMW-3360 sensor, which, according to the experts and professional gamers, is ideal for gaming. It also includes Omron mechanical switches, which can go up to 20 million clicks as per the manufacturer.

On the bottom side, you will find G-Skates with round edges, so it is compatible with almost all types of mousepads. Lastly, you can easily connect it by using the Ascended cable, which is sturdy and light-weight.

  • Connection : Wired
  • Programmable Buttons : 6
  • Sensor : Pixart® PMW-3360 Sensor
  • Custom Lighting : Yes
  • Weight: 67g
  • DPI : 12,000


  • Connection : Wired
  • Programmable Buttons : 6
  • Sensor : PMW 3360 sensor
  • Custom Lighting : No
  • Weight: 65 g
  • DPI : 12,000


  • Some users stated that the mouse is too long.

Razer Viper Ultra-lightRazer Ultra Light Mouse

lightest gaming mouse
Razer Viper Ultra-light

Razer has introduced their light-weight mouse in the market, ‘the Razer Viper Ultralight.’ It weighs under 70 grams, and it is quite comfortable to use.

The size of the mouse is medium, and it features a unique shape, low profile, and many comfort curves. Each side of the mouse includes rubberized grips for enhanced grip, and the sides are curled for the super comfort. It also contains 16000 DPI sensors; hence the unit is well suited for professional gamers.

The mouse has two side buttons on both sides that add value to its design. These are standard side buttons and located where you will be placing your thumb.

This gaming mouse by Razer is getting widely popular among the users in a very short time. Razer has specially designed this mouse for gaming purposes, and it is perfect for gamers as the main gaming mouse. Lastly, this gaming mouse is perfect for both right-handed and left-handed players.

  • Connection : Wired
  • Programmable Buttons : 8
  • Sensor : 5G Optical Sensor
  • Custom Lighting : Yes
  • Weight : 69g


  • The shape and design of the mouse are sleek and elegant.
  • Curves at the sides offer comfort.
  • You will not feel tired even if you use it for hours.


  • Some gamers stated that the mouse is too small.

XTRFY M4 RGB Ultra-LightLightest RGB Gaming Mouse

lightest gaming mouse

The XTRFY M4 is a unique mouse that has its own class and style. It has many notable features that make it distinct from other gaming mice out there.

To begin with, it includes the PMW3389 sensor, which is the best optical sensor in the industry, and no other sensor matches its capabilities. Another thing that makes it different from the others is its unique shape. The unusual design gives an ergonomic feel.

To add further, it also has seven programmable buttons. To be precise, it has two buttons on the side, one RGB button, a scroll wheel, and a DPI button. Now you surely want to know the weight of this gaming mouse; it weighs around 69 grams in spite of these additional functions.

Another exclusive feature of this XTRFY M4 mouse is the “EZCORD” that we found much stronger than the braided cables. The overall construction of the mouse is of premium quality and won’t have any heating issues even when used for long hours.

  • Connection : Wired
  • Programmable Buttons : 6
  • Sensor : PixArtPMW 3389
  • Custom Lighting : Adjustable RGB
  • Weight: 69 g
  • DPI : 16,000


  • The EZCORD cable is sturdier than braided cables.
  • The structure and quality of the mouse are excellent.  
  • The grip is comfortable, and you will not feel tired.


  • Not that useful for small hands.

Razer Viper UltimateBest Looking Mouse

Razer Viper Ultimate lightest gaming mouse

This Razer Viper Ultimate is the latest product in the Razer’s lineup and weighs only 69 grams. This is a super light gaming mouse without any holes, and it is the main reason for its popularity.

The design is simple yet beautiful. It features an ambidextrous shell with Razer’s 20,000 DPI optical sensor that is reliable and offers flawless performance. You will get a total of eight programmable buttons with this mouse, and you can reassign or customize them with the help of Razer Synapse 3 software.

Apart from these, you will also get a customizable RGB lighting, and you can set it up as per your preferences and needs. The cord of this gaming mouse is a drag-free, and it is not heavy like you will find in other mouse. The Viper Ultimate by Razer is truly a perfect gaming mouse that has everything to make your gaming experience smooth and comfortable.

  • Connection : Wireless
  • Programmable Buttons : 8
  • Sensor : 20K DPI Optical Sensor
  • Custom Lighting : Chroma Lighting
  • Weight : 74g


  • Lightest Wireless Gaming Mouse with RGB.
  • Durable construction and smooth working.
  • Compatible for both right and left-handed users.


  • Some minor issues in the scrolling button.

Logitech G Pro WirelessBest Lightest Gaming Mouse Wireless

Logitech G Pro Wireless
Logitech G Pro Wireless

Logitech’s G series products widely popular among gamers for quite some time. Their products are well-known for their overall performance and affordable price tag. Here we will discuss their high-end gaming mouse the G Pro Wireless. It is the most affordable gaming mouse with all the features that you will find in costly options. Logitech g403 is also a great gaming mouse. Check out the comparison between Logitech g403 vs g703 .

The first thing that all gamers will definitely admire that it is a wireless gaming mouse. It comes with Logitech’s exclusive Lightspeed technology that ensures there is no latency when you are using it. It features a Hero 16K sensor, which is improved and better than the previous generation wireless sensors. The DPI is excellent up to 16,000.

As for the buttons, you will get eight programmable buttons. Out of these eight buttons, four buttons are removable. The click rate is an impressive 50 million clicks, so that it will last for many years.

Lastly, the battery backup is up to 48-hours, and this wireless gaming mouse by Logitech G Pro weighs under 80 grams.

  • Connection : Wireless
  • Programmable Buttons : 6
  • Sensor : Hero 16K Sensor
  • Custom Lighting : Blue Logo
  • Weight: 80 g
  • DPI : 16,000


  • It includes eight buttons with four removable buttons.
  • The shell of the mouse is durable and feels soft in hands.
  • No complaints regarding the grip or tiredness.
  • Sensors are excellent with 16000 DPI.


  • The height of the mouse is too short.

Razer Abyssus V2Gaming Mouse Lightest

Razer Abyssus V2 lightest gaming mouse
Razer Abyssus V2

To some extent, this Razer Abyssus V2 is an updated edition of the original one. The significant changes are in the shape of the mouse. This Razer Abyssus is perfect for right and left-handed users. The grip of the mouse is soft and comfortable, whereas it is a medium-sized gaming mouse.

The DPI of this mouse is only 5000, which can be a disappointment for many users, and it has no side buttons. However, it has an optical sensor, which is excellent. The weight of this optical gaming mouse is 83 grams. It might not be the lightest mouse but is comfortable to use.

The Razer Synapse software allows you to customize four buttons as per your needs, and you can change the DPI of the mouse from 100 to 5000.

Both sides of the mouse are covered with durable and soft rubber. By looking at all the prominent features such as comfortable grip and lightweight of the mouse, and more, we can safely say that it is perfect for all the gamers.

  • Connection : Wireless
  • Programmable Buttons : 6
  • Sensor : 5,000 DPI optical sensor,
  • Custom Lighting : 3 Color
  • Weight : 80g


  • Available in three colors.
  • Suitable for both right and left-handed people.
  • Swipes are fast, and control is précised.
  • Side grips are comfortable.


  • It is perfect for casual gamers but not that good for professionals.

BenQ Zowie FK2Best Zowie Mouse

BenQ Zowie FK2 lightest gaming mouse
BenQ Zowie FK2

Zowie by BenQ offers reliable and smooth working, and it can be your perfect choice if you are searching for an elegant and simple gaming mouse. There are no bright RGB lights, flashy designs, or hundreds of buttons. But we are sure that you will love the working and overall performance of this BenQ Zowie gaming mouse. As for the weight, it is not too heavy and weighs around 85 grams. The weight of the mouse allows you to carry it with you for long gaming sessions.

The FK2 Zowie features 3310 optical sensors, and you can choose from 400, 800, 1,600 or 3,200 DPI. You adjust the DPI according to your needs and playing style. As for the buttons, it has four buttons on the sides (two on each side), and these highly durable.

It is a simple plug n play gaming mouse, so there is no need to install any software. This makes it ideal for LAN parties where you cannot participate with your personal PC. The ambidextrous design means that it is suitable for both left and right-handed users. All in all, it is an excellent choice if you don’t need any flashy stuff but high-quality performance.

  • Connection : Wired
  • Programmable Buttons : 5
  • Sensor : 3310 optical sensor
  • Custom Lighting : Chroma Lighting
  • Weight : 85g
  • DPI: 3200


  • Ideal lift-off distance.
  • Side buttons are handy.
  • The 3310 optical sensor is excellent.
  • Adjustable DPI settings.


  • Not suitable for professional gamers.


lightest gaming mouse
Dream Machines DM1 Pro S Review

Our next pick is ideal for shooting or FPS games; the DM1 PRO S optical gaming mouse weighs only 84 grams. Furthermore, it is suitable for all gamers as they can smoothly move around.

This optical gaming mouse is available in two designs: rubberized and glossy. The rubberized design offers a perfect and firm grip. A comfortable grip is vital when you are using the mouse for long sessions.

This gaming mouse is designed in such a way that both right-handed users and left-handed users can use it comfortably. This is a handy feature and makes it widely popular among the users.

Besides, it has a 12000 Dpi with multiple adjustments levels. So, you can set the Dpi as per your gaming needs. The Dpi button is perfectly placed just below the scrolling button.

Another good thing about this light-weight gaming mouse is that you can customize LEDs according to your preferences.

  • Connection : Wired
  • Programmable Buttons : 6 buttons + Scroll8
  • Sensor : Optical PMW3360
  • Custom Lighting : No
  • Weight: 85g
  • DPI : 400 – 12000


  • It has six buttons and a scroll button.
  • The sensors of the mouse are reliable.
  • It features exciting looks.
  • You can customize the LED lights.


  • The scroll wheel or button is heavy than others.

Buying Guide


The first factor to consider when looking for a gaming mouse is the mouse sensor. The mouse’s sensor is located at the bottom side, and it indicates your computer what movements are performed whilst gaming and using the PC or internet.

Though, in present times, the mouse sensors are accurate and reliable. Sensors or sensing technology has been revolutionized in the last five or six years; hence, almost all the mouse have accurate movements and long working life. The industry standard for sensors is 3360 and 3389.

However, if you play high-end games or you’re professional, then you will have to go for more advanced options.


DPI, or dots per inch, indicates the sensitivity of a mouse. The higher the DPI is, the more sensitive will be your mouse. But it has a direct impact on your gaming performance. So, look out for that, whereas 16000 DPI is enough for most gamers.

Size & Weight

Your new gaming mouse’s size and weight are crucial factors to think about because they can significantly affect your gaming performance. Mostly, the gaming mouse is quite light-weight, and you can easily find the one. But you should look out that it does not make you tired when you are using it for long hours.

Lighter gaming mice allow you to react quicker and reduce the strains. If you are a pro, you definitely need a light-weight gaming mouse.

Build Quality

When talking about the build quality, we mean the materials used in the manufacturing of the mouse and its overall construction.

Looking for a light-weight mouse does not mean that you should compromise on the durability and performance. You should lookout for a balance between the weight and sturdiness of the mouse.

Mostly, all the mice that we have reviewed above are robust and are built with high-quality materials. 


In recent times you will find gaming mouse of various shapes and sizes. One such design or shape is called an ambidextrous shape. It means that both left-handed and right-handed people can use this mouse comfortably. That being said, if you are more concerned about the comfort and ease of use, an ergonomically designed mouse is perfect for you.

Parting Words

And that’s all about the light-weight gaming mouse!
We hope this effort of our team has managed to gather all the info that you were expecting from us. We are hopeful that this publication will assist you in finalizing your pick for the lightest gaming mouse. If you still need any information, let us know, and we will be happy to answer all your queries.
Until then, keep practicing those flick shots! Happy Gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mouse DPI?

DPI is the abbreviation of dots per inch. This refers to the counts that a sensor registers over the surface. The higher the figures, the far your mouse will go.

What is mouse acceleration?

Mouse acceleration refers to how quickly your mouse changes its tracks. This setting is designed to move your cursor faster, and the cursor will get slower when it is near to the target area. As for the gamers, it is good, but for some users, it can be a bit annoying.

What is the mouse lift-off distance?

Lift-off distance refers to the exact space between the surface and the mouse.

Is a laser or optical gaming mouse better?

In our opinion, the optical mouse is a better choice for gaming purposes as they are more accurate than the laser mouse.

Is a wired or wireless mouse better?

You’ll get high-quality and smooth performance in a wired gaming mouse. This can seem a bit awkward, but it is a fact. However, wireless technology is improved very much nowadays, but if you are asking for our opinion, we will advise you to go with the wired gaming mouse.

What is mouse sensitivity?

The mouse sensitivity refers to how long your cursor moves or goes when you use the mouse. This a common feature that you can adjust from mouse settings.

what is the lightest gaming mouse

The best lightest gaming mouse in this list is Cooler Master MM710 , Cooler master one of the best brand in gaming accessories.

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