In this 3rd decade of the 21st century, video games have come a long way. They provide more complex mechanics, epic stories, and insane graphics. However, these traits make these traits in a video game require similar hardware requirements to work correctly.

We know pretty well that when a PC works under load and executes intense tasks, it generates a lot of heat, which can be overcome by fans, heatsinks, liquid cooling, and other cooling configurations. But, a question arises, how many case fans are necessary for a gaming PC to get the perfect amount of cooling. Fans are used in air cooling and liquid cooling in Radiators or simple fans.

So, if you are wondering how many fans should a gaming PC have, then here is a quick answer for you. There are different airflow configurations you can achieve in a gaming PC. However, you will need at least three fans to achieve these airflow configurations and get ample cooling for the system.

Moreover, at Toptechstuff, we had the chance to try different cooling configurations. And our verdict is that you will get the amplest cooling with a neutral/ balanced airflow configuration—for example, two intake fans and one exhaust fan. Check out our proper guide for airflow config for gaming pc.

Are 2 Fans Enough for a Gaming PC?

If you wonder whether 2 fans are enough for PC or not, then here is our verdict. For low end gaming PCs or general-purpose systems, 2 fans will provide ample cooling since you are not dealing with the most complex and intense tasks. In this case, one fan for intake and one exhaust fan would be the most suitable choice.

You can also try a negative pressure airflow configuration with both fans for the exhaust and no intake fan. This cooling configuration primarily provides the most cooling. However, it will suck in a lot of dirt and debris inside your PC case. Therefore, you will need to clean your personal computer often.

On the other side, do not use both fans for intake because this configuration will do more harm than good. Without any way to throw out the warm air, your PC will overheat more.

Probably a case size matters too ,if your case is small in size then the airflow will be not that good as compared to other full size cases.

The following graph shows the temp with all fans exhaust.

Are 3 Fans Enough for a Gaming PC?

Most users have around three fans for their gaming PC unit, so they often wonder, are 3 fans enough for PC? Here is our quick answer. In most cases, three fans are enough for a gaming PC unless we are dealing with overclocking, in which case you will need to invest heavily in cooling. Otherwise, three good fans will provide the proper cooling for gaming and some complex tasks.

Most PCs we test at Toptechstuff (for gaming performances and other intense tasks) feature three fans. And we rarely face any overheating issues. As for airflow configuration, the most suitable option would be to go with two intake fans and a single exhaust fan. This configuration will allow your casing to receive cooler air constantly and dish out all that hot air.

Are 140mm Fans Better than 120mm Fans? – 120mm vs 140mm Fans

How many case fans are necessary
120mm vs 140mm

Here is our quick answer on 120mm vs 140mm fans. On the contrary, there isn’t much difference between 120mm and 140mm fans. However, in the grand scheme of things, 140mm fans provide more RPM and air throw, resulting in better cooling. So, you can expect some performance if you are planning to upgrade your 120mm fans to 140mm ones.

So, a quick verdict is that upgrading from 120mm fans to 140mm fans is a good investment.

Some people suggest that 120mm fans provide more air throw because of their small-sized fins; however, the difference, on the contrary, is relatively minimal and does not affect a lot of difference in terms of cooling. Moreover, both fans will produce some sound since it has a high RPM. However, it will also depend on the brand and quality of the fan.

High RPM will make noise but if you buy quite silent cases then it can solve the problem.

Does Every Case Support 140mm Fans?

If you are planning to upgrade your fans to 140mm ones, you must know whether your casing supports it or not. Since 140mm fans are used universally, most good gaming cases support 140mm fans. However, some containers are built differently. In addition, they may support only big fans. Therefore, you must check the compatibility of your case online before spending your bucks.

Generally speaking, most casings come with 140mm fans (as default), especially on the front side of the case.

What Brands are Reputable in PC Fans?

There are many manufacturers that are producing all sorts of PC fans. However, we tested the best ones from Noctua (especially Noctua NF-A14 Fan). You can also find excellent Corsair, NZXT, Thermaltake, and Be Quiet fans. However, you should consider your options carefully and choose perfect fans for maximum cooling and prevent excessive heat.

Your personal computer needs a constant supply of cooler air to lighten up the temperature inside the container. There should be a smooth way to dish out the hot air outside the casing. In such a manner, fan placement can also play a crucial role.


It is crucial to monitor the temperatures of your hardware. Excessive heat can lower the performance and ultimately damage the hardware. Air cooling is the most used cooling method for gaming and general-purpose PCs. You should also consider GPU fans, CPU fans, and power supply when deciding on an airflow configuration.

How many case fans are necessary? Well, The basic airflow configurations and computer fans are required to get ample cooling. That is because fans play an important role in airflow cooling. You should know the CFM power of airflow, Sound frequencies, the importance of high spinning speed.

Moreover, dust can also be the cause of overheating of your system. Therefore, it is crucial to clean your PC often. Also, if you are facing an overheating issue, you should check CPU and GPU thermals.

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