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The All-In-One Guide To Editing YouTube Videos

Over the years, YouTube has emerged as one of the biggest social media platforms, and there is no shortfall of statistics to endorse this fact. As many as 78.8% of marketers favor YouTube, as it has proved to be an important marketing platform for brands to reach out to their target audience. A massive pool of video content is being uploaded every minute on YouTube and most likely by your competitors too. 

Every marketer and independent content creator strives to increase their video viewership and channel’s subscriber base as an ongoing practice to be in the spotlight. Viewers like to watch YouTube videos that are interesting to stream and share valuable insights on topics of their interest. 

Stages of video making

It doesn’t matter what type of video you want to manifest; the process of video making remains pretty much the same. Your YouTube videos start with the ‘pre-production phase,’ which often focuses on planning the video’s context. This is followed by the ‘production phase’ where all the action happens

The production team captures images, clips, and recordings that act as raw material for the YouTube video content. The last stage is the ‘post-production phase,’ where the video is put together and edited. Though this step is crucial in determining the quality of the final video, it is the most undermined process, and not enough attention is paid to it. . 

Significance of video editing 

A video editor is often referred to as a ‘storyteller,’ as editing perfect videos is an ‘art.’ With the help of various editing tools, one can fix the minor glitches that may have occurred during the production phase. The points listed below will give you more clarity as to why editing a video is important and should be made as a mandatory practice.  

  • A proper flow can be achieved by editing videos correctly. Greater emphasis can be given to some clips that are more meaningful than the others, by featuring them for a longer duration.   
  • Editing allows you to cut off the pieces that are of no significance to make the video crisp and precise. With the limited time at hand, YouTubers prefer playing videos that are right on point. 
  • Editing can help your videos look not only good but also sound great. Canceling of unwanted background noises, eliminating pauses in a speech, and having a consistent volume through the video, will add professionalism to the videos. 
  • One can add a distinctive identity to the videos by editing them correctly. This includes adding brand logos, custom transitions, titles, voice-overs, and special graphics that make the visual content more appealing. 

Steps to editing videos using YouTube’s video editor tool

YouTube offers its built-in video editor called YouTube Studio. This YouTube video editortool offers basic video editing options for enthusiastic video makers. You can download it as an app on your android and iOS phones or can access it via your laptop/desktop. 

Here is a step-wise guide on how to get started with editing videos using YouTube Studio – 

  • Sign in to your YouTube account on your laptop using the latest version of Google Chrome or use the YouTube studio app to get started. 
  • In your chrome browser, click on your thumbnail picture at the top of the screen on the right and select YouTube studio from the drop-down menu. 
  •  In the left column, where it mentions ‘your channel,’ click on the ‘videos’ option. Here you will be able to see all the videos that you have previously published or saved as a draft on YouTube.
  • Click on the video which you wish to edit, to begin editing. 

Feature only your best production pieces and eliminate the rest by using the trim and split feature from the YouTube Studio panel. 

  • Select the video which needs to be edited and click trim on the screen. 
  • Two blue bars appear in this mode, and you can move the bars forward or backwards to choose the portion you wish to keep and then click Save.  
  • Click on the ‘edit trim’ option and choose the part you want to further edit from the video you just trimmed. 
  • Choose the ‘split’ option and select the portion you need to remove from the middle or any part of your video.
  • You can add an image, clip, or a transition slide to replace the split portion. 
  • The split content can be stitched back to the video when you wish to showcase it at the precise time interval. 
  • Preview and save the video to check if the edits are done satisfactorily. 

Conclude your videos by adding a customized end screen to make your videos distinctive and relatable. You can even end the video by asking your audiences to subscribe to your channel or watch other related videos from your channel. Add an end screen by performing the steps mentioned below.

  • Open the edited video which you have saved as a draft. 
  • From the editor menu, select the end screen option on the left pane. 
  • There are a few templates designed by YouTube, which you can add as your end screen. 
  • You can even customize an end screen by adding your elements to it. 

If you want to go beyond these basic editing functions that YouTube Studio offers, you can try other online video editorssuch as InVideo. 


We have seen how basic editing can make a big difference and improve the quality of your video content. Don’t settle for an average review; go all out and put your best editing skills to test before publishing your YouTube videos. If you are not yet satisfied with your first-cut edit, review and re-edit the content with precision to deliver a film worthy of social sharing.  

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