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Best RGB PC Case – Next Level Cases Of 2022

It’s not difficult at all to give your PC a bit of LED flair, but you must choose the right combo for that killer look.

If you want your PC case that shows your personality and taste, you need some good cool RGB Case lighting that makes it spruce. Yes, we know some of you will argue that it’s not suitable for everyone, but from many of us, RGB gets thumbs up.

Though, there’s a thin fine line between a tacky RGB setup and a striking one. Simply putting a few lighting components or LED strips are just not enough.

RGB stands for red, green, and blue. You can produce millions of different by using three beautiful colors. Apart from other components, RGB lightning looks stunning in pc cases as well.

It’s good to see that RGB lighting has been adopted by gamers and streamers. And these lights play a big part in the personalization and expressions of a person.

With that in mind, below, you will find some of the best RGB PC cases that look not only gorgeous but also offer excellent performance.

Best RGB Computer Cases

PreviewCaseIncluded FansPrice
Corsair iCUE 220T RGB,...Corsair iCUE 220T RGB3x RGBCheck Price
MUSETEX ATX PC Case with 6...MUSETEX Phantom 9076x RGBCheck Price
Asus ROG Strix Helios GX601...Asus ROG Strix Helios GX6011x FanCheck Price
InWin 309 Addressable RGB...InWin 3094x RGBCheck Price
AeroCool Klaw Tempered Glass...AeroCool Klaw3x RGBCheck Price
darkFlash Phantom Black ATX...DarkFlash Phantom6x RGBCheck Price
Asus ROG Strix Helios GX601...Asus ROG Strix Helios GX60122.24 x 9.8 x 23.26 Inches Check Price

Corsair iCUE 220T RGB Tempered Glass

rgb cabinet case

To kick off things, we present this stunning machine from Corsair as our top pick.

You will find many best RGB cabinets that emphasize only good looks and LED lights. But this Corsair iCUE 220T also emphasizes RGB lights as well as RGB fans. In this way, the case boasts exceptional performance while maintaining its glowing looks.

The outer part features high-class steel material along with thick tempered glass on the sides and front. We loved these tinted front and side panels due to their durability and glorious looks.

Vibrant LED lights shining through these tinted panels give a classy look that’s hard to find in other casings. The lights are not shiny to make you blind but are still bright enough to maintain the look.

Furthermore, you will also find three cooling fans in the case that you can control, and it allows you to set up three more fans in the case.

  • VGA Support To 300mm
  • M-ITX – M-ATX – ATX
  • Radiator Capacity 360mm
  • Support 6x 120mm Fans
  • 3x A RGB Fans Included
  • iCUE Lighting/Fan Controller Included

The Corsair iCUE 220T is a solid mid-tower case that supports Mini ATX or ATX motherboards.

The case also features a separate space for GPU build. That’s amazing when you look at its small dimensions. To be precise, it is shorter than the ATX tower casings.

Overall, the inner is spacious and maintains adequate airflow throughout the case.

Moreover, there is a full-length PSU covering that helps in smooth cabling. The inner compartments are nicely categorized that further improves the ventilation and makes it suitable for overclocking.

Lastly, RGB hardware and supports enable you to build a unique pc chassis that you will love. Indeed it is one of the best RGB case that you can buy today.

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InWin 805 Infinity 

infinity mirror pc case

Next on the list, we have the evergreen 805 Infinity that features a lively front panel loaded with dynamic LED lighting effects via the LED strips and mirror lighting.

The reflection is actually an illusion that shows countless LED light lines disappearing into the night; this beautiful effect is called the “Infinity Mirror.”

This luminous visual experience is the most prominent feature of this pc case that differentiates it from the others.

As for the construction, the InWin 805 infinity features heavy-duty aluminum construction with a stylish anodized finishing on the top and front sides.

Inwin produces other cases for RGB build and some of them are really good inwin cases.

The casing’s sides and front panels feature a 3mm tempered glass that offers reliable protection, and you show your exclusive build to others.

Moreover, you can mount two optional fans on the bottom side by shifting the HDD tray to the front. This also helps to improve airflow and enhanced heat dissipation.

On the front side, there are two placements that you can use to fit two 120 or 140 mm fans or liquid cooling radiators up to 280mm. Furthermore, you can also remove the front panel with thumbscrews to install fans or radiators.

On the backside, there is a power supply mount and cover. The opening is large, and it allows you to route your cables into the channels smoothly. The place inside is plenty for efficient cable management.

Above the PSU mount, you will see the well-designed and placed motherboard tray. In addition, you will also find many cable routing holes and a CPU cutout.

After setting up your internal PC components, it’s time to turn on the RGB strips. And for this purpose, you will need the In Win HALO software. This program allows you to adjust and control the RGB LEDs, adjust color settings, set lighting effects, and more.

  • GPU Support To 320mm
  • CPU Support To 156mm
  • M-ITX – M-ATX – ATX
  • Radiator Capacity 280mm
  • Support 5x 120mm Fans
  • 1x Fan Included
  • Lighting Remote Controller/Supports Mobo Sync

The RGB lights and strip inside the PC is bright and lively. It is so bright that you can monitor the inner view with ease.


After turning on the RGB strips and lights, this InWin Infinity 805 stands out due to the infinity mirror effects. It’s hard to describe this mirror effect in words, and it would be better if you experience the impact in person.

Lastly, the InWin Infinity’s mirror effect is one of the unique things that we often don’t see. Apart from it, the case has all the features and capabilities to build a high-end machine.

MUSETEX Phantom 907

rgb atx case

Our next pick comes from a relatively new brand, the MUSETEX. With over a thousand plus five-star reviews only Amazon, this Phantom 907 competes well with other high-end models on the market.

MUSETEX Phantom features an exciting PC case for all gamers and comes at a midrange point.

Moreover, the construction is flawless and features a steel body with highly durable tempered glass panels. The glass is transparent and covers the front and side panels on the computer case.

Another thing that we loved in this MUSETEX phantom 907 casing is that you will get six pre-installed RGB fans. You can control these fans with a controller remotely.

When you have this well-illuminated casing, you can easily build an astonishing machine that will turn some heads in the neighborhood. Customization options are plenty in this case, from still colors to set your favorite music and voice; you can customize them all.

And if you are thinking, what’s more. Well, you cannot expect more than from the RGB ATX case, but it has another excellent feature to offer.

Moreover, this ATX RGB computer case features a roomy interior, and you can fix more storage drives and long GPUs inside the case effortlessly. To be exact, dimension-wise, this case is larger than the others.

This large size works in its favor, and it can accommodate high-end GPUs and other components with ease. Similarly, the adequate dimensions make it suitable also for EATX motherboards.

  • VGA Support To 300mm
  • M-ITX – M-ATX – ATX – E-ATX
  • Radiator Capacity 360mm
  • Support 6x 120mm Fans
  • 6x A-RGB Fans Included
  • Lighting Controller Included

As for cooling, you will get six cooling fans and excellent cable management properties, as mentioned above. The dimensions and superb cooling mechanism allows you to use it for overclocking.

As for the liquid cooling, you can place 360mm cooling radiators on the rear and front.

All things considered, this Phantom 907 is a reliable chassis that includes all the features required for efficient working and appealing looks.

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Asus ROG Strix Helios GX601

rgb computer case rog

At this spot, we have a classy Asus ROG Strix Helios GX601 mid-tower computer casing. The case has a lot to offer for all types of users, and it is well-suited for various purposes.

This RGB computer chassis is a versatile one. It has plenty of space inside the case that comfortably accommodates up to nine storage drives.

Moreover, for efficient cooling and high-quality performance, the case has four built-in fans. However, it supports a total of six cooling fans. Another prominent feature of this case is its compatibility with liquid cooling systems.

The case can accommodate two graphics cards in a vertical position and three in a horizontal position.

The all-black case includes a glowing logo on the front with an attractive pattern. The thick tempered glass panel on both sides looks incredible and gives a Smokey look.

On the backside, there is a panel that hides the wiring and displays bright and shiny lighting. The RGB lights are easy to control via Asus Aura software. You can manage all lightning by using this software.

  • GPU Support To 450mm
  • CPU Support To 190mm
  • M-ITX – M-ATX – ATX – E-ATX
  • Radiator Capacity 420mm
  • Support 7x 120mm Fans
  • 1x Fan Included
  • Lighting Controller/Supports Mobo Sync

The case also features large and comfortable handles that are sturdy and look nice. The case features robust and flexible straps on the top that allows you to use it as a LAN party PC case.

Overall, the case is ideal for various uses but keep in mind that this RGB tower Casing is expensive than the others. But it is a perfect choice if you plan to build a high-end gaming machine.

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InWin 309 RGB Gaming Case

InWin offers some of the most unique and coolest gaming case designs in the whole market.

Some of their cases are minimalist while others have a fancy and modern touch.

This InWin 309 case falls into the fancy category due to its flashy design and RGB placement.

At first glance, this is a fully lit gaming case with an RGB front panel. There are 144 small box-style LEDs on the front panel with 12 built-in RGB modes.

The minimalist ports are placed on the side panel that are beautifully aligned with a shiny power button at the top.

All 144 RGB lights are controllable with the help of exclusive Glow2. You can easily shift between different lighting modes and also change the RGB pattern of those ego fans.

The lights also have a heartbeat effect where all LED lights form a rhythm with the music in your surroundings. Such a case is excellent for all the musicians who produce songs or create beats.

  • GPU Support To 350mm
  • CPU Support To 160mm
  • M-ITX – M-ATX – ATX
  • Radiator Capacity 360mm
  • Support 7x 120mm Fans
  • 4x ARGB Fans Included
  • 144 ARGB LEDs Front

The case comes equipped with four ego fans that will compliment your hardware units, these fans consist of sixteen LEDs in a beautiful silicon case.

Also, the case has a strong base which makes it sturdy while placed on your desk.

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AeroCool Klaw

cheap rgb case

Next on the list, we present the AeroCool Klaw RGB pc casing. If you don’t want to break your bank on the purchase of a pc casing but still want a blazing case, this AeroCool Klaw mid-tower pc RGB case is the best choice.

The chassis feature an impressive SPCC steel shell with a shiny ABS plastic front, and on the sides, the case includes tempered glass panels. The build quality is top-notch, and as compared to the other options, this PC is not less in terms of build quality.

And in the RGB aspect, this casing really sparkles.

The case is also suitable if you need a budgeted gaming PC with high-quality RGB. As for the cooling, it comes with six cooling fans along with three RGB 120mm fans.

You can control the addressable RGB front panels and fans in three ways. Led computer case with LED controller on top of the case, via remote, or through the addressable motherboard. Furthermore, the case also includes a 10-port hub with PWM controls.

  • GPU Support To 370mm
  • CPU Support To 164mm
  • M-ITX – M-ATX – ATX
  • Radiator Capacity 280mm
  • Support 6x 120mm Fans
  • 3x A RGB Fans Included
  • Lighting Remote Controller/Supports Mobo Sync

The cable management and airflow are decent, and you can customize a well cooling gaming machine. You can fit the cooling radiator on the rear and front side of the casing.

Moreover, its dual-chamber design improves ventilation and airflow throughout the case.

In the end, it is your safest choice if you want the cheapest RGB PC case on the market.

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DarkFlash Phantom DR12

pc case with rgb fans

At this spot, we have another excellent pc case with RGB lights and fans. The case includes incredible lighting effects, and it’s an excellent “mid-range” pick for various purposes.

Another notable feature of this pc case is its sharp and full-length tempered-glass panels that too on the three sides; left/right sides and front.

Furthermore, this bright case also features six pre-installed 120mm RGB cooling fans with LED lights.

In combination with the lovely glass panels, these cooling fans sparkle both the front and rear sides of the case.

Overall, the case features above-standard specifications and is well-suited for all types of builds, from a high-end gaming case or a video streaming PC.

As for the cooling, we have already mentioned that it comes with six pre-installed RGB fans that are enough for everyday use, but if you want more, then; this case supports additional five 120mm fans. So, in total, you will get eleven 120mm fans.

  • GPU Support To 359mm
  • CPU Support To 174mm
  • M-ITX – M-ATX – ATX
  • Radiator Capacity 280mm
  • Support 11x 120mm Fans
  • 6x A RGB Fans Included
  • Lighting Remote Controller Included

That’s too much of a cooling option for an ATX case. The airflow is also suitable for overclocking uses.

And as for liquid cooling, you can utilize the spare space on the bottom and rear side to install radiators for smooth water cooling.

Overall, it is one of the best RGB cabinets for pc on the market that offers exceptional value for your money.

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PC building has become an art these days. PC casings and designs are equally important as other PC components. You will find plenty of options these days made up of various materials. There is something for all of us when it comes to the looks and design of the case. And the RGB lighting effects are one thing that almost all users like to have on their PCs.

The popularity of RGB gaming pc cases has grown beyond the horizons and out of this world. So, update yourself with this latest trendy and give your pc a whole new look with these cool lighting effects.

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