In order to find the right size of a mouse that can be grasped better, you must be scuffling undoubtedly. 

There is nothing worse than having cramps in your palm due to the usage of the smaller sized mice because you need to manage to wrap your hand around that little piece.

The quest for the good size of the mouse to your hand sometimes may take a big deal of effort.

But peeps! Fortunately, not to worry a pinch. We are here to review some of the great deals of best mice for big hands.

Let’s have a glance at some good choices available in the market one by one!

SteelSeries Rival 310 Gaming...SteelSeries Rival 31099.8gCheck Price
Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum...LOGITECH G520 HERO5x3.6gCheck Price
Logitech G602 Lag-Free...Logitech G602100gCheck Price
Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED...LOGITECH G903 LIGHT SPEED110gCheck Price
Razer Mamba Elite Wired Gaming...Razer Death Adder Elite.105gCheck Price
Corsair M65 RGB Elite –...Corsair M65 RGB Elite200gCheck Price
Redragon M690-1 Wireless...Re dragon M690-190gCheck Price
Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming...Zowie EC1-A105Check Price

Best Gaming Mouse For Large Hands

1- Steel Series 62433 Rival 310 Gaming Mouse

gaming mouse for big hands

One of the good selling mice under the brand name ‘Steel Series’ is best suited for the ones fond of gaming. 

Having a silicone side grips, this impressing gaming mouse is best suited for the users or gamer having larger hands.

It gives the best grips to your claw while playing games or during any working process on the computer.

This wired device makes sure to provide better connectivity and avoid any sort of issue while pairing up of the software.

The first look:

The Steel-series Rival 310 is a good choice of a mouse having a matte finished look, giving your desk of day to day use, or the gaming zone a perfect match.

All of the six buttons built over its contoured body can be coded according to your desire. Nonetheless, you would want to keep the left, the right, and the scroll button to be kept set on default.

The better grip it provides by having a rubber grip at both of the sides.

These rubber grips help in a comfortable grasp. Have a detailed scroll wheel and a bright logo gives it a pretentious look.

Even if you do not possess a mouse pad this mouse comes up with a sliding smooth pad underneath that contributes ease in the movement.

But you probably would want to get a mouse pad to preserve the smoothness of its own base.


  • Sensor:

The new models of SteelSeries are manufactured in a way that they are well suitable for Esports gaming.

They are having TrueMove 3 sensors that track 1-to-1 between the DPI 100 and 3500 and assure decreased jitter from 3,500 to 12,000 DPI.

Feeling grateful to have this new sensor plus its connection through the wire as I encountered no fuss in the input.

That makes the movement and functions go smooth and fine. You even are able to put settings to the DPI rates to switch between two besides that the polling rate can be configured too; polling rate is the frequency of the communication of the mouse with the computer.Split triggers provide an amazing clicking force good for the rapid clicking.

  • Prism sync:

Prism sync is there is an app called prism app for matching up the lighting profiles along with the other devices from Steel Series that is best suited for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that glows up the mouse in correlation to the defined actions of the game. It shows one click light effect to the complex ones.

  • Software:

Steel Series Engine 3.10.12+, for Windows 7 or up and Mac OSX 10.8 or up.

The software connection with the Steel Series Rival 310 is way frequent.

Software pairs to the Rival 310 after the while is taken for the updating process. In the absence of any malfunction, an impressive display of customization options can be seen.

It offers customization of the functions of every button and apart from that you also can change the lighting mode of the logo and the color scheme as well.

In addition to that, there is another tab named as the engine apps, it assembles a collection of apps that can be configured for the reactive lighting effects.

Just instance;In the final part, there is a library that enables the user to customize the settings for specific apps or the different categories of the games. 


Steel Series Rival 310 is considered the best gaming mouse except for some of the downsides.

It is a fine device that is built well. The provision of the wire connection assures better performance.

The Steel Series Engine software is a first-class software but the mouse is deficient in some of the buttons to be customized.

The left-handed gamer or users should opt for the advanced model of the Steel Series Rival 310 ambidextrous that possesses 8 buttons and the Sensei 310 for the same cost.

Steel Series deals in the top-ranking mouse Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum that has the adjustable weights feature for the same price (reviewed under).

  • Device Height: 42 millimetres
  • Device width: 7 Centimetres.
  • Device weight: The lightweight of 99.8 grams
  • Device dimensions: 12.8 x 7x 4.2 cm
  • Device model number: 62433


  • Best in performance.
  • Eye captivating design.
  • Comfortable in use.
  • Bright colored lighting.


  • Buttons only six in numbers.
  • The weights are not adjustable.
  • Sorry to the lefties.


best gaming mouse for big hands

The Logitech G502 hero is one best gaming mouse having a wire attached.

It is fine in look and is built neatly. Having multiple programmable buttons makes it a good one.

It has a low latency of click and a range of vast CPI that can be customized. Luckily, its weight can be customized according to the taste that you want.

Best suitable for the users having large hands.Logitech has kept this amazing model since 2018 due to its impressive features that attract buyers for years.

Logitech also has upgraded this model to Logitech G502 Light speed that is actually a wireless mouse having a new sensor.

The sharp, angular design is loved by many that match exactly to the gaming scenarios.

The first look:

If you are known to the previous model of the G502 you will not see much of the difference in this one.

The color is dark having a sharp, angular shape. It fits best at the gaming zones, might look unusual in the office settings due to its angular bat-like matte finished look.

The body is well built with black matte plastic with the buttons and certain grips for better hand placements.

In some parts, there is a glossy plastic present that elevates beauty.

A fine, shiny, and metallic scroll wheel is incised. It spins for over 10 seconds if given a good flick to scroll.

The 2 buttons located at the sides seem as if it might get detached, but its sturdy body assures to be not!

The reactive lighting areas are placed such that it comes in between your index finger and the thumb while you hold the mouse.

You have to configure and set the DPI indicators as it is set off by default. 


  • Polling Rate:

1000 Hz which is adjustable for the provision of the smooth cursor movements.

  • Performance:

Gives an excellent performance. CPI settings can be programmed by the buttons used for setting up the CPI located on the mouse.

  • Buttons:

The amazing G502 possesses the buttons that are amazing. The mouse having multiple buttons are all able to be programmed.

Besides, there is a button for switching up the CPI when you are playing games.

  • Scroll wheel:

The attractive G502  has a scrolling wheel.

The G502’s mouse wheel is excellent. This scroll can go to infinity after being unlocked which helps to scroll through the documents up to and down. You also can program the wheel to be tilt left or right by the software.

  • Software:

The software named as Logitech’s G HUB is impressive.

This software is completely compatible with the Windows or Mac OS and multiple options for customization are given.

You can keep your memory if you switch your mouse to another computer.

Bottom Line:

The Logitech G502 is a great choice for the large hands having an attractive design. Its efficient sensor makes this device a real hero.

The buttons to be programmed is another considering feature it has. Rubber side grips and stylish matte finishing and what not!

  • Length: 42 millimetres
  • Height: 1.7 inches (4.2 cm)
  • Width: 3.0 inches (7.6 cm)
  • Click Latency: 10 ms having an excellent latency of click.
  • DPI: 100 CPI (DPI) to 16000 CPI (DPI)


  • Excellent sensor.
  • Buttons fulfilling your need.
  • The weight that can be adjusted.
  • LED present.


  • DPI reactive lights might don’t stay lit.
  • Some users may find it narrow for their large hands.


computer mouse for big hands

LOGITECH G903 LIGHT SPEED is one of the best gaming mice that you can see in the market.

After having an excellent software it works best just like other wired mouse.

The buttons that are customization are the bonus point that will help gamer.

The first look:

The black charcoal-colored mouse has a nice look having curves and sharp angles.

Happily, nothing from the design hinders the way for the good grip of the user.

The mid area of the mouse is specifically manufactured keeping in mind the people with large hands.


  •     Software

 All of the Logitech gaming products run on the Logitech Gaming Software App that gives a ton of controls.

The on-board memory it possesses is for storing the 5 profiles.     

The buttons it has can be programmed according to your wants and desires apart from the scroll button and the left/right buttons.

  • Buttons:

 This best mouse has 4 buttons in total. 2 buttons located on the left while 2 of the buttons on the right.

You can set these buttons to your taste that can be programmed to different functions.

Bottom Line:

This attractive Logitech G903 is a well built great wireless mouse.

The pro gamer must love it due to its lightweight and good battery quality and that also at affordable prices.

  • Dimensions: x 5.08 x 1.59 inches
  • weight: 3.88 ounces.


  • Wireless mouse.
  • Charging mouse.
  • Best in performance.
  • Stylish design.
  • Light in weight.
  • Lefties can use it too.


  • Ambidextrous shape not so comfortable.

4- Logitech G602 Wireless Mouse

Logitech G602 Wireless Mouse

Logitech G602 comes with all the desirable features of Logitech’s G series.

It is certainly built for a high-impact gaming environment given its long life switches and buttons.

The buttons are rated at 20 million clicks. A high tracking sensitivity and interference-free capabilities make this mouse worth the investment.

Even though the use of batteries is a sign of a lifetime cost, it is a manageable one since this is not a power-hungry device.

However, a rechargeable option would still be a better bargain.

Talking about price, this gaming mouse is fairly priced. Even though the G602 it is not a perfect accessory, it still provides above-average performance compared to most of its competitors in the same price bracket.

  • Design

The G602 gaming mouse is a right-handed gaming mouse with a design that meets ergonomic requirements of premium-priced gaming.

The 3.77-once mouse is made of different textures and materials, a textured rubber surface, matte-finish black plastic and glossy grey trim.

The top of the palm rest has a textured rubber while a rough textured plastic covers the lower part.

  • Wireless connectivity

Most gamers prefer a wireless world and having a wireless mouse if they can afford one is the right place to start as it is currently impossible to have wireless monitors.

The Logitech G602 wireless mouse uses Logitech’s G-series receiver to connect to the computer.

Two pitfalls plague wireless mice, interference, and lagging.

The G602 is designed to overcome both limitations. Unlike the shared receivers that are common with the brand, this mouse’s gaming line take the entire bandwidth.

  • Programming buttons

The G602 comes with six such buttons located to the thumb-side of the mouse, just slightly above the thumb rest.

The buttons are raised for easy differentiation.

It has added two buttons at the front and of the mouse, besides the two standard ones.

The buttons are easily accessible by the index finger and are used to switch DPI on and off while on the heat of the game.

  • Programming

Logitech’s G602 mouse features a customization board that allows a player to set up and adjust DPI presets program macros and other program functions.

Gamers who love using game-specific profiles can also create these and toggle between as they change from one game to another.


  • Latency and interference-free
  • Smooth and consistent tracking
  • Battery life


  • Windows only
  • Difficulty in programming
  • Reliance on batteries

5- Razer Death Adder Elite.

good gaming mouse for big hands

The Razer Death Adder Elite is a very good gaming mouse.

This mouse can serve amazingly the users and gamer used to work with their right hands.

This sleek and fine design is made keeping in mind the gaming scenarios. It has a good size that can fit the larger hands.

Having the low latency this mouse comes to you with a wire attached.

The first look:

This mouse is built with sturdy solid plastic. The wire it has is thick in diameter that gives it a bulky shape. At each site, you can find the latex grips.

It is fairly long in size that suits best for the people having large hands.

It is way simple and sleek in design. Possesses RGB lighting at each side of the scroll wheel and on the logo.


  • Sensor:

This mouse has an optical LED sensor.

  • Performance:

 It is one amazing mouse when comes to performance for having a high polling rate this mouse works great in cursor movement that is smooth.

  • DPI Range:

This ranges from 100 CPI(DPI) o 16000 CPI(DPI)

  • Buttons:

The Razor Death Elite has no good number of buttons that could be programmed but is enough to be programmed for many gamers.

  • Software and Compatibility:

This mouse has a software named Razer Synapse 3 which works fairly well. The mouse lacks the onboard memory. This software is compatible with macOS and windows as well. The customization of settings cannot take place in mac OS but the default settings and buttons work well.

Bottom Line:

The Razor Death Elite with a comfortable sleek glossy design assures to be a good mouse for gamer and users.

This is one affordable gaming mouse having almost all the specifications that one would need.


  • solid strong body.
  • Good in price.
  • Nice shiny look.
  • 5G sensor
  • Up to 16000 DPT rate


  • Lighting is covered during use.
  • No onboard memory.

6- Corsair M65 RGB Elite Tunable FPS Gaming Mouse:

gaming mouse for big hands reddit

The Corsair M65 RGB Elite is a very good gaming mouse that has an amazing quality of body made up of aluminum.

It is great in performance plus you are also able to customize the settings that better suits you.

The useful sniper button switches the CPI to the set value that you have made in it.

The upper body area is designed such that it fits good for the people with large hands with better finger and palm grip.

The first look:

The Corsair M65 is one best mouse suited for the gaming scenarios. The mouse has a sleek and nice plastic matte finishing look.

The RGB is at the wheel and at the logo of the manufacturer where the palm of your hand rests.

While buttons on the side have a sniper button that is used to set the DPI. Have an ambidextrous design with sharp and angular looks.


    This mouse is way large than the usual ones and cannot fit easily in a laptop bag.

  •  Performance:

 The performance of the Corsair M65 Elite RGB is excellent. If you desire to customize the DPI of the mouse then this is one of the perfect pieces.

The polling rate it has makes its cursor move smooth and fine. The lift of distance might be experienced to be a little higher but that can be ignored anyway.

  • Buttons:

The 8 buttons it has are customizable. You have the left/click buttons, two side buttons, the red sniper button, and the mouse scroll click.

As long as you hold the sniper left button it by default sets the DPI  to 400.

The scroll wheel of the mouse cannot be unlocked just like the other office mouse and has a smooth scroll.

  •  Software

The  Corsair  M65 Elite RGB has a software named as  Corsair iCUE. The software is compatible with the macOS and windows.

The DPI settings can be changed according to your desire. Plus yay to the lighting effects to be set or turned off as you wish. If you plug in your mouse to another computer it will still have the settings you made in it because of the availability of the on-board memory it has.

Bottom Line:

The M65 is the later model of the original M65 that is having lighting and better software than the previous one.

It has no customizable weights. The grip might be a minor issue to be faced in it but nothing in front of its overall performance .


  • The sturdy body quality.
  • Great in performance.
  • Designed almost for all hand sizes


  • A cable having stiff finishing.
  • Not for extra large hands or very small hands.

7- Re dragon M690-1 Wireless Gaming Mouse.

mouse for big hands reddit

When it comes to good brands for gaming mice. Redragon is one of the good brands for pro gamers to grab the best possible solutions for them.

This model from the company Redragon will make you happy by its best performance under pocket-friendly price and that with a comfortable handgrip.

The first look:

if we glance at the design we will see a cool sleek look of it. Following the color theme black and red it has a patterned illumination all over its body.


  • Buttons:

7 programmable buttons. The forward and the backward button. The rapid-fire button. All the buttons are customization.

The rapid-fire button might be a little away to reach. The stable well incised scroll button is also there. The left and right button and also the DPI button.

  • Software:

download the Redragon Mirage Software from the there official site.

You can set the buttons according to your need and want by this software. Besides, you also can change the settings for the DPI and the polling rate of the mouse.

Bottom Line:

Experience the luxury environment having this mouse at your gaming zones not worrying a pinch about the wires attached.

Keeping the comfort of the users in mind this mouse is built fulfilling all the requirements. Ignoring the little latency fuss you can enjoy gaming to an extent.

Strong recommendation after looking at its decent look and cheap price.

  • 6 DPI level: 800/1200/1600/2400/3200/4800 DPI
  • Polling rate: 125HZ~500HZ that is adjustable.
  • Compatible: Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10/2000, etc.
  • Size: 4.94*1.61*2.9inches
  • Weight: 120 grams without the weight of the battery


  • light in weight.
  • Tracking is smooth.
  • Affordable cost.
  • Feature-packed on windows.


  • Exclusive of battery.
  • The software on CD.

8- Zowie EC1-A:

pc mouse for big hands

If you are looking up for the best mouse for yourself, go grab this model from a good known company, Zowie that is serving in great esports mice.

Computer scientists and professional players have considered it to be the best choice ever.

You really need not mess around the software in this case. Just plug it in, and here you go!

 The first look:

If you look at it the first you will see that it resembles the old plain mouse from the front. But it is quite different in the specification and if you look at it sidewise.

The glossy white finishing makes it look attractive. It does not get dirty easily.



The performance overall is smoother than smooth. No jitter is experienced while testing it encountered the lift-off height to below and you will need to firmly place the mouse on the surface.

Bottom Line:

The gaming communities have given hype to this product. So, if you are in quest of a good gaming mouse, it is a big yeah! It should have a place in your top list because of its cheap cost, precise buttons, and impressive shape.

  • Sensor: 3310 Optical
  • Buttons: 5 buttons Huano Switches
  • DPI: 400/800/1600/3200
  • Polling Rate in HZ: 125 / 500 / 1000
  • Connection: Wired
  • Cable length: 2m / 6.6 ft
  • Hand orientation: For Right-handed ones
  • Width: 6.6 cm / 2.6 in
  • Length: 12 cm / 4.7 in
  • Height: 4cm / 1.6 in
  • Weight: 92 grams (3.07 oz)


  • Efficient sensor performance.
  • Good look.
  • Strong body quality.
  • Good in glide.
  • Shape ergonomic.
  • Light in weight.


  • sensitive side buttons.

9- Razer DeathAdder 2013

best mmo mouse for big hands

The DeathAdder sells itself as a simple, comfortable, efficient peripheral, and delivers on all counts. Find out if this gaming mouse is worth buying.

The first look:

The decent design, black in color. Suitable for both left-handed people and the right-handed ones. Comfortable size for better grip due to the presence of contoured designs and angular shapes.

This amazing device has textured pads on either side. Some twist or pull must have added to improve the design even more.


  •      Performance:

t’s almost flawless in performance. Frequently responds to the click and smooth track movement.

  • Buttons:

out of all the 6  buttons 5 can be programmed provide satisfying clicks ensures comfortable gaming sessions.

  • Software:

 Synapse software program the buttons. Enables the user to place settings in the default.

Bottom Line:

It is undoubtedly excellent in performance as it feeds on due to its efficiency and the quality of the working.

Apart from the few gaming problems that you may face, I will recommend this easy usage mouse for your games and larger hands.

  • Laser depth: 2mm
  • DPI: 200 to 6400.
  • Size: 127 x 70 x 44 mm
  • Wight of Mouse: 105 grams
  • Grip: Can grip the palm well
  • Connection: Have a wire.


  • Smart sleek design.
  • Simple Synapse Software
  • Easy to use.
  • Good in performance.
  • Light in weight.


  • Lacks at contours a little.
  • No onboard Memory.

Buying Guide for selection Best Mouse For Large Hands

The selection of the best mouse for large hands is sometimes very difficult especially when you have a variety of products around you.

Here we have provided explicit criteria of what to look for in a mouse piece for large hands. Here it goes!

Ergonomics – The Essential one of all the criterion

The most important component while looking for any mouse for large hands is ergonomics.

The latest advanced features of high DPI, sensors, and prolonged battery are of no use if you are not comfortable with the grip of your mouse.

Your hand and finger muscles may fatigue soon within a short period of time that can have drastic effects on your work.

Apart from the comfortable grip, you should also exert some pressure on the mouse for your daily computing and gaming. 

So always select that mouse for large hands that are maximally supportive to your arm, wrist, and forearm muscles and give you the least strain.

Also, check the control buttons if they are operating with minimal movements of fingers and without stretching and bending your fingers.

The thumb button should be the most facilitated one in terms of minimal distortion.

Weight of the mouse for Large Hands

After an ergonomically agreeable component, another critical interesting point is the heaviness of the gaming mouse. Above all else, make your brain clear about your needs in such a manner.

The determination exclusively relies on you. In the event that you are, a gamer who leans towards a lightweight mouse for his large hands, at that point all our reviewed mice for large hands is ideal for you. So also, some gamers incline toward heavy mouses to work their games. 

To overcome this issue, the vast majority of the producers give a weight adjusting framework in the mouse for large hands. You can change over the lightweight mouse into heavier by an expansion of certain loads regularly given at the compartment at the base.

This is profoundly invaluable for the players who can deal with their game with a mouse that weighs 4oz.

To make your mouse lightweight the mouse,  the mice are manufactured with a cut-out design in a honeycomb-like frame or through the use of any lightweight material in the design. You can have lightweight mouse for your large hands if you go for a wireless option.

Is There any mouse for large left Hands?

For the individuals who can’t work a mouse with their right hand because of powerless coordination of right side, there are brands out there who have planned axis symmetrical mice that can be handily utilized by left-handed purchasers too.

The plan of such mice is known as Ambidextrous structure with the side buttons, thumb rest, and the total set up of the left side effectively adaptable to the opposite side or in the center.

The sensor:

This is additionally among those highlights of a mouse that can’t be undermined. In old versions of mice, the sensors were more solid and exceptionally receptive to your gaming experience. Be that as it may, with the coming of laser innovation, the vast majority of the producers of mice are presently offering laser mouse with the least level or no slack. 

The two mice of optical sensors and laser sensors are path solid to support your gaming experience. Presently it relies on your budget that will bring you what you mean to purchase.

Value of DPI:

All the large hands’ mice are set apart with certain DPI evaluations. The higher the estimation of DPI, the less you should prepare your mouse for cursor travel.

In the event that you are effective enough to control the mouse affect-ability and the cursor, at that point I will propose you select any alternative having a DPI of 800-1000. Be that as it may, higher than this estimation of DPI can be risky for you in your game.

Wired or Wireless:

The greater part of the individuals considers that wireless mice are not recommendable for their games as they need responsiveness.

This might be valid for some old models of mice for large hands.

These days, both wired and wireless mice are amazing similarly and can give phenomenal execution to the game ace. 

The significant distinction between wired and remote gaming mice is their price tag.

The wired ones are more affordable though wireless can cost you somewhat more pennies. So go for either alternative as per your spending plan.


On the off chance that you have a hand that varies from the standard, it very well may be trying to discover a mouse that fits.

This is particularly intense in the event that you have large hands, the same number of mice are not worked for sizeable hands.

The entirety of the above mice are astounding bits of equipment, however in general, we would settle on the SteelSeries Rival 310 as it has the best parity of value to cost. It’s astounding and moderate, which is a combo that is hard to beat. 

Players who need the total best of the best ought to pick the Logitech G502 Hero, in spite of the fact that you will be paying more than with most different choices on this rundown.

It’s a really costly mouse, however, it gains that cost by offering commendable quality. 

On the off chance that you have broad hands (even more than large hand guidelines) than the CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB will be ideal for you. It performs dependably, has incredible toughness, and isn’t excessively costly, settling on it a perfect decision for people who need more surface zone.


What is the difference between the Rival 310 and the Rival 300?

For the improvement in ergonomics Rival 310 is reduced in size as compared to the Rival 300 but the shape remains the same. While TrueMove3 optical sensor, side grips of silicon, the matte look, split trigger design are the new factors in Rival 310.

Why did SteelSeries create its custom optical sensor with Pixart?

Having collaboration with the pixart, the intention was to work with them to develop an understanding regarding the sensor technology on gamers’ demands and to improve the pix art 3360 sensors that the professional gamers needed.

What makes the TrueMove3 sensor superior to other sensors on the market?

1-to-1 tracking means that when we move our mouse on a mouse pad, it covers exactly the same distance on the screen as well. SteelSeries TrueMove3 sensor technology brings us the true 1-to-1 till 3500 CPI and beyond.

What makes TrueMove3 an esports sensor?

Four factors together make TrueMove3 an esports sensor:
true 1:1 tracking
ultra-low latency
Jitter reduction
custom firmware that elevates sensor accuracy timing.

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