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What Are the Best Monitors for Photo Editing?

It is essential to have one of the best monitors for video editing when trying to make your version of the video look real. However, for that purpose, you need the best video editing monitor. Monitors used for video editing should always display changes and effects after editing. 

 Although there are many monitors for video editing in the market, some are considered the best ones to meet professional requirements. 

Guide For Buying A Photo Editing Monitors

It would be best if you considered the following facts while choosing the photo editing monitor:

  • Color space
  • Resolution
  • Size
  • Black levels
  • Response time
  • Rotatability
  • Brightness
  1. Color space

Good color space is vital for photo editing. That’s why your laptop monitor should cover at least 70% of Adobe RGB spectrum and90% of s RGB. 

  1. Resolution

More content fits on the screen when you have a high-resolution monitor. It means you can show more editing panels and photos. When your monitor has a high resolution, you can see amazing details by zooming out. If you are looking to edit a photo professionally, buy a Full HD (1920X1080) monitor.

  1. Size

The bigger size, the better it is. By using a full-size monitor, you will be able to see your art in its full beauty. The other benefit of using a big monitor is that it can be useful for your eyes. At least aim to buy 23 inches or bigger.

  1. Black level

When we talk about black level, OLED screens are much better than IPS screens. Try to find the photo editing monitor’s darkest level, as there is no standardized measurement for this. Just check the review sites such as ratings.

  1. Response time 

Quick response time is not important for photo editing. But if you are also wanted to edit videos, you have to keep an eye on it and aim for 10ms or less.

  1. Rotatability

There are different monitors available in the market that offers the facility of rotation up to 90 degrees. If you are professional and going to edit a lot of photos, it is very useful. 

Top 5 Best Video Or Photo Editing Monitors

Dell Ultra sharpUP3219Q

Size: 32 inches 

Resolution: 4k resolution 

LCD Type: HD Type-LCD

It is considered the best among all video editing monitors. It provides high color accuracy with such great resolution. It serves video editing needs with a friendly-budget option, and you can use its Ultrasharp calibration tool for managing colors to make sure that videos are displaying professional quality. 

The monitor design is sleek and beautiful. Furthermore, the monitors provide impressive color uniformity with high color space coverage. 

Key features:

  • It has wide range of colors ,80% AdobeRGB, 99% RGB, 99%Rec 709 and 95%DCI-P3
  • It has a large enough screen. 
  • It has a reasonable price.

BenQ32 inch 709 PD3200U

Size: 32

Resolution: 4k resolution display

LCD type: IPS Type-LCD

BenQ PD3200U is an editing monition with a large panel, and it has a screen of 32 inches that provides you a good view for editing videos. You can look at various parts of your videos at the same time dues to their screen size. 

Moreover, this monitor has profiles, animations, and darkroom modes. Monitor also provides a feature that allows users to set up the monitor according to their liking and comfort. 

Furthermore, the other benefit of this monitor is the keyboard video mouse (KVM) switch. With this feature’s help, users can display files from a different computer on a single screen.

Key features:

  • It has a large screen. 
  • It has excellent color accuracy.
  • These monitors are cheaper.
  •  It pr
  • ovides a 4-K resolution. 
  • It also provides a facility of three input displays. 

Eizo Color EdgeCG319X

Size: 17:9

Resolution :4096 2160

LCD Type: IPS Type-LCD

For people, who do not have a money problem and want video editing of professional level, Eizo Color Edge CG319X is the best choice. It provides the best quality and performance with a 4- resolution. The design and build of the monitor are breathtaking and decent. 

It ensures its top-notch color accuracy with exceptional color coverage of 100%RGB and 99% Adobe RGB. Moreover, it has 98% DCI -P3 coverage, displaying almost the same image that the monitor captured. 

Key features:

  • It has a breathtaking build.
  • It is excellent in performance. 
  • It provides a 4-K resolution. 
  • It has flawed less color accuracy. 

Ben Q EX35 01R

Size :35 inch

Resolution: 3440 1440

LCD type: VA-Type -LCD

BenQ EX3501R is also known as an excellent video editing monitor. It looks like a luxurious monitor because of its sleek curve. The monitor has impressive features like a fast refresh rate of 100Hz and a display screen that is 35 inches greater than all other monitors. This large display helps in viewing all clips of video simultaneously while editing video. 

It has good color reproduction, and it is a good video editor for mac users and pc users because of its USB – ports. In addition to this, the monitor can adjust screen brightness by using brightness intelligence. 

Key features:

  • It has a fast refresh rate
  • Comparatively large screen size. 
  • It has impressive color reproduction. 
  • It is a budget-friendly monitor. 

ViewSonic VP2785-4k27

Size: 27 inch

Resolution: 4k resolution 

LCD Type: IPS-Type LCD

ViewSonic VP2785-4k27 is also one of the best editing monitors. It provides HDR10 content support with a 4k resolution and 27-inch monitor screen. It also displays a wide range of with a color Platte of 4.39 million colors. 

This monitor is unique due to its impressive array of I/O. Furthermore, and the monitor is ergonomic because you can adjust it manually. A user can flip it or adjust its height according to their need. A user can set up the monitor according to their need. 

The monitor can also adjust screen brightness using according to surrounding using an ambient light sensor, and this feature can protect your eyes from being strained. 

Key features:

  • Great color accuracy.
  • It Provides HDR10 color support. 
  • It has a feature of advanced Ergonomic Technology.
  • It has impressive I/O 

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