The recent pandemic has turned video conferencing, online education, and personal workspaces into new normal.  

In this era of webinars, screen sharing and live chats, the importance of having some best laptops for zoom sessions is equally significant for home and offices more than before. 

I know how Zoom has gained popularity for video conferencing applications for remote meetings and live chats. I personally use it more than 10 times every week.

Great use of zoom video conferencing sessions is observed in business meetings, educational sessions, and other collaborative capabilities.

According to the research metrics, the use of zoom has been increased by 67% from January to March 2020. It has been recorded as 12.92 active zoom users in Feb 2020. 

But what’s the primary prerequisite for a flawless, distortion-free video session? No doubt it’s the best laptop for zoom calls with exceptional video quality and sound clarity.

These features can be built-in or connected to your laptop externally. 

My personal use of Zoom was never comprised of one task at a time. Obviously, when you are having a live chat, you’ll edit some documents, watch some videos, or other tasks in the background.

It must not lag or stuck to cause you the endurance of wait and switching between the tabs after hours. 

This is the reason laptop manufacturers seek to fulfill the customer’s demands with improved and upgraded launches.

Competition is real in this case. New models hit the market every now and then.

But, you must know some factors to make sure while choosing a good laptop for zoom and video conferencing. 

Best Laptops For Video Conferencing

Best Chromebook For Zoom Meetings

best chromebook for zoom

Acer Chromebook R11

  • Comes With 11.6 Inches Screen
  • 4GB Of Fast Ram Will Help In Running Softwares
  • Convertible Chromebook
  • CPU: Intel Celeron N3150
  • Sleek Desgin
  • Compact Size
  • Best For Price

Best Budget Laptop For Video Conferencing

best laptop for zoom teaching

Acer Swift 3 Thin & Light

  • Large HD 13.5″ IPS Display
  • Comes With High-Performance Processor Of Core I5 10th Gen
  • 8 Gb Of Ram and 512 Gb NVMe SSD
  • Best Option In 700$ For Students And Zoom Meetings

Best Laptop For Zoom Calls – Lightest One

best laptop for using zoom

LG gram 15Z970 

  • 15.6 Inches Of Screen
  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • Touchscreen
  • 16 GB OF Ram And 512GB SSD
  • Core I7 7th Gen Processer
  • Lightest Laptop For Students To Carry Everywhere

Best laptop For Using Zoom – MAC

best laptops for zoom video conferencing

2020 Apple MacBook Air

  • Latest Macbook Air
  • 13 Inch Screen
  • 8Gb Of Fast Ram
  • 256 Gb SSD Storage for saving assignments
  • Apple M1 Chip New Technology
  • Premium Laptop

Best Portable Laptop For Zoom

best budget laptop for video conferencing

Acer Spin 7

  • 13.5 Inches and 2k resolution IPS Touch Screen
  • Latest Core i7 10th Gen Processer
  • 512 GB Nnme SSD
  • Long Battery Life
  • Best In Light – Multitask TouchScreen Under 1000$

Best Laptop For Virtual Meetings Microsoft

good laptop for video conferencing

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

  • 12.3 Inches Of TouchScreen For Meetings
  • i5 10th Gen Processer For Multitasking
  • 256 Gb SSD And 8Gb Ram
  • It’s a very solid machine.
  • Best Microsoft Laptop

Best Laptop For Zoom Under 500

best laptop for video conferencing

Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop

  • 15.6 Inches Of Screen IPS Display
  • AMD Ryzen 3 3200U Processor Fast For Calls And Conference
  • 4Gb Ram And 128GB SSD
  • Best Laptop Deal In List

Factors To Consider While Buying The Best Laptop For Using Zoom And Video Conferencing Sessions

Camera / Webcam: 

A high-definition camera is a primary factor for live chat sessions.  A laptop camera will capture your video to participate in the conference call.

The poor picture quality camera will badly impact the live session.

For better interaction, clear addressing, and active participation, make sure that you choose an HD camera.

The laptop with high resolution ensures better picture quality and a clear view. High-resolution cameras produce TV-live streaming for a better video call experience. 

The greater the resolution, the more bandwidth will require for live video chats over the conference servers.

If you are low on budget then a Full HD camera works absolutely perfect for you. Whereas, the budget doesn’t matter than a 4k camera will bring more detailing and quality-oriented video.

Built-in Microphone: 

Microphone performance is the most critical throughout the session. 

A consistent microphone transfers your clear sound on the other side of the call. A high-quality microphone is a basic need to carry the whole operation. 

Is it possible to call someone without a clear sound? Similar is the case with the built-in microphone.

The laptop with a high-quality microphone lets you talk without any external mic or Bluetooth. Attaching an external USB microphone is messy as a lot of cables are lying around. 

Invest in the best zoom laptop with a highly sensitive microphone. It captures the clear sound and blocks the background noise or distortion. 

It is important that the listener must understand your query, point of view, concept, or whatever you speak. 

Sound quality for zoom

Speakers let you listen to the participants clearly. A vivid sound lets you understand your educational concepts or a business deal. Dialogue clarity is the foremost requirement for zoom sessions. 

You can use headphones or detachable speakers for clear sound. Make sure that the laptop you buy must have a headphone port for video conferencing during travel or people around. 

However, some laptops for zoom sessions produce quality sound so that you can listen without any external source. 

The fact about built-in speakers is they can’t produce the powerful sound like that of stereo speakers.

Yet, clear enough to work on zoom. It is important to listen to the caller’s sound clearly to respond correctly. 

Resolution & size:

High resolution lets you see the graphics clearly without straining your eyes. The text and graphics are easy to read.

This is the reason that the laptop with high resolution brings out vivid images. 

We recommend you the laptop with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution or more. Look for advanced features like Nvidia Geforce GTX graphics card or IPS panel for vibrant color and better viewing angle.

The screen size must be greater than 14 inches. Look for the 2.5 GHz Dual-core intel corei5 or 2.8 

GHz quad-core intel core i7  CPU processor for no input lagging issues. 

MacBook Air, Microsoft Surface, and MacBook Pro have amazing graphic cards and display quality. But, these models are quite expensive. 

Battery Life 

The battery life brings the comfort to carry your laptop on a trip, or any spot. Therefore, look for a laptop with a battery life of 12 to 16 hours on a single charge.

You can find laptops with a battery life of 8 to 9 hours and less than that as well. 

During the zoom video conferencing session, lots of input/output devices working together such as a video camera, video graphics cards, speakers, microphone, or maybe other software in the background.

This is the reason that they take maximum power, therefore, look for long battery life laptops for maximum convenience and portability.

How much RAM do I need for zoom?

RAM is the storage for the buffering. In zoom video conferencing RAM has secondary importance over the good internet connection for the smooth running of the operation. 

A quad processor with a minimum of 2GB RAM laptop can let you carry the zoom session easily.

However, you may face difficulty in running the other software in the background. This leads to issues like hanging the computer or pixel delay. 

For better performance and professional-grade zoom use, we recommend looking for 4GB or 8 GB RAM depending upon your budget.

The more the size of the RAM, the better it performs!

Lastly, you don’t need to invest in the 32GB or 64 GB RAM for zoom video conferencing as it will be more than your needs.  

Does zoom work with Windows 10?

Yes, Zoom is compatible with Windows 10. You can use it via the official zoom meetings client app. You can download it for free. 

Download the zoom app and install it on your computer. Launch the application and join a meeting. (without signing in).

You need to sign in if you want to schedule a meeting. Once you join the meeting.

The controls will appear at the bottom of the zoom window to control it. If it is not displaying, then move the cursor in the Zoom window. 

Zoom is supported in Windows 10, Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. 

What equipment do I need for a zoom meeting?

Firstly you need a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or computer to download and launch the zoom application. For smooth communication over the server, you required a reliable internet connection. 

The other essentials for a zoom meeting are Webcam, microphone, and speakers. You can buy them separately if your laptop is not good enough to perform.

However, connecting the extra accessories requires time and money. Better to invest in the best laptop for zoom with exclusive built-in features for a smooth video conferencing experience. 

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