If you want to round off the gaming PV build, having one of the best gaming chairs is a good investment. To build an extreme gaming pc, you spend many hours and thousands of dollars picking the best components. Just like that, you should also pay much consideration for selecting a gaming chair.

 When you are a gamer, you focus so much on monitors, processors, graphics cards, and PCs but forgot about the major component that is probably the essential one, and that is the gaming chair. Most of the backlinking health problems are caused due to spending an extensive amount of time in a chair. That makes it essential for gamers to have a good gaming chair. 

It is not important to buy an expensive gaming chair, and even if you have between 200$ and 100 $ to spend, you can have many options to choose between. You can easily buy the best aim chair for under 100$, such as the Homall gaming chair. It adds a little color to your gaming setup, and most importantly, it offers a higher weight maximum. 

Why we need it?

If you are a full-time gamer, sitting on a simple office chair makes it difficult for you. Due to these brutal conditions, you become irritable, weary, and demotivated in a short time. Using an office chair full time leads you to have poor posture, lethargy, discomfort, and joint strain. 

Unlike office chairs, gaming chairs are ergonomic. It means you can adjust its composition according to your needs. Gaming chairs offer you two main qualities.  First, features like relatability promote movement while sitting, and the second one is the presence of adjustable parts that sport healthy sitting posture.

here we have given some of the best health benefits you can get from good posture while using a gaming chair:

  • fewer headaches
  • Higher energy levels
  • Reduced lower back pain
  • Reduced tension in neck and shoulders
  • Improved core strength
  • Increased lung capacity

Top gaming chairs at a glance

Here are some of the most famous gaming chairs that are available on the market at reasonable prices:

  1. Vertagear Gaming Series Triigger 350 Special Edition
  2. Noblechairs Hero gaming chair Black Edition
  3. Corsair T3
  4. Secretlab Omega 2020
  5. Secretlab Titan
  6. Autonomous ErgoChair 2
  7. Edge GX1
  8. Corsair T2 Road Warrior
  9. Noblechairs Epic Real Leather
  10. Noblechairs Icon gaming chair

SecretLab Omega 2020

This gaming chair has a sleek, SciFi gaming look that makes it simply stunning. The most important reason to buy is that this chair comes with a head pillow and a lumbar pillow—both of these products are made with memory foam and offer even better support than their predecessor. 


  • Seat height: 18 – 21.5 inches
  • Dimensions: 27 x 27.5 x 53.5 inches (W x D x H)
  • Maximum load: 240 pounds

Secretlab Titan

If you are in search of a go-to among recommendations, Secretlab Titan is your destination.  This chair has looked like a racing-style gaming seat. It can also work perfectly as an office chair. The most important reasons to buy are the extra-large seat it offers and integrated lumbar support. Secretlab Titan chair is adjustable, so you can easily set it according to your required height.  It is best, but the thing that makes it avoidable is its limited height adjustment.


  • Seat height: 19.5 – 23 inches (minimum to maximum)
  • Dimensions: 29.5 x 27.5 x 57 inches (W x D x H)
  • Maximum load: 290 pounds

Autonomous ErgoChair 2

If you want a chair where you sit all day to play games in comfort and don’t want the chair that looks like a gaming chair, you need to look at the Autonomous EroChair. It has a very stylish and modern aesthetic look. This is also popular because it let you adjust every part of the chair that makes it suitable for every body type and weight. This chair is a little expensive compare to other gaming chairs.


  • Seat height: (Minimum to maximum: 18 – 20 in
  • Dimensions: 47 x 27 x 20 in (H × W × D)
  • Maximum load: 300 lbs

Edge GX1

The Edge GX1 tries to give its users an ergonomic experience, unlike other gaming chairs manufactured that stick to a form factor designed to limit the gamer movement. It has a premium design, and you can easily adjust it according to your need.


  • Maximum load: 145kg
  • Seat height: 470-600 mm

Corsair T2 Road Warrior

It is popular among gamers for its assembling, and you can adjust it according to your weight and height. This Corsair chair makes you comfortable so that you can work non-stop for a long time. The reason many people don’t but it because of its price point. 


  • Dimensions: 50 x 56 x 80 cm (W × D × H)
  • Seat height: (Minimum to maximum: 51.5 – 60 cm

Noblechairs Epic Real Leather

There is no exaggeration if we call Noblechairs Epic Real Leather the best gaming chair. The reason to name it as the best gaming chair under 100 is that it looks like a gamin throne because of the cross thatched embroidery to the real leather use in its making. The epic leather that uses in the making is a dream to sit on. The best quality of this gaming chair is it is easy to set up and has extensive adjustability. 


  • Seat height: (Minimum to maximum): 131 – 141 cm
  • Dimensions: 84 x 38 x 70 cm (W × D × H)
  • Maximum load: 180 kg

Noblechairs Icon gaming chair

NobleChair is a company that is famous for some best gaming chairs out there. The best thing about these chairs is that they are affordable and extremely comfortable and one of the best PC gaming chairs available in the market. NobleChairs use premium quality materials to make their chairs that make the user comfortable.


  • Dimensions: 87 x 37 x 70 cm (W × D × H)
  • Seat height: (Minimum to maximum): 48 – 58 cm
  • Maximum load: 180 kg

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